Monday, May 31, 2010

ilove diy cakestands

Just a quick post about a tutorial i found of making cakestands with vintage plates. It made me very happy to see that i can  do something else with all the vintage plates i bought.  You can find it on Kira's blog  it's an older post but there's a lot of other great stuff too. Have a happy :) workweek! xx

Sunday, May 30, 2010

ilove colors...

Sometimes ilovecolors. Most of the time i'm all for basics,white and maybe some pastels. When travelling through Germany i came across this shop called Butlers. You should really take a look at their web site, they have tons of great stuff. (this is not  sponsored or anything)

In the shop i saw a lot of colorful garden tablesettings which i wanted to share with you. Today in  Holland it's a gloomy, rainy sunday so these pictures made me dream about garden parties on a hot summernight :)

Love the pink cake in the back.

Look at these mini jam jars, so cute.

Exotic pink and blue, with a bamboo curtain.

Have you ever seen these guys wearing scuba gear?

Love the fish shaped plates.

Oh, heart shaped tin boxes.

My favorite, pink and white.Look at all these cute coloured buckets in the back. Because we just started our trip i did not buy anything but i'll be back!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i'm back

Home sweet home. I just got back from a fantastic trip. First of all, thanks for all the nice comments i received and everyone wishing us a good vacation. Now it's time  to share some pictures i took along the way.
After travelling through Germany and Switserland (we slept in Germany) we ended up in Italy.

This great house stood on a hill overlooking the Mediteranian sea.Villa Azzura (the blue villa).

We spend the night in a small village near a monastery.And with the monastery there are these booths were you can buy all kinds of "kitschy"religious items which ilove.

Seeing Pinocchio makes you miss you kids ( although i don't think my eleven year old would still want to take a ride)

Because of the weather we decided not to take the ferry to Corsica and travelled on through Monaco towards the Cote d'Azur. We made a quick stop in Monaco and saw a bit of the Formule 1 training day.
So we ended up in a small village in "la douce France" in the hills behind Cannes.
The colours of the South of France are so fantastic.

Blue and terracotta.


Can you imagine my excitement when i found out that ther was a big flea market in the village that morning? I'll show you the stuff i bought there later.
These are the cutest sweets i ever saw for when you get married or a child is born.

Then we travelled on towards St.Tropez and Port Grimaud. Stayed there and...

Laid on the beach to soak up some sun in the morning....

Did some sightseeing.....

And some more..

Visited quite a few Chateaus to buy a lot of bottles of Rosé, (tasted them first of course) :)

Enjoyed some fine dining with the magnificent French Cuisine. 
After that we drove back home and found our children (and my parents) in great shape and did not get the impression that they missed us as much as we missed them ;). Sowe might go again next year!
So it's back to work today and i'll try and read a lot of posts i missed from you my dears. XX 
(Sorry this post is so long, i have many more pictures and it was hard to make a selection.)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i love.....vacation

Tomorrow i will leave on a short vacation with the man ilove. Easily ;) leaving behind our children in the capable hands of their grandparents (thanks so much mum and dad!). This year we decided to .......

Pack our suitcase...
(ok this would be mine)
Travel through Germany (no speedlimits there, iloveit)

And the beautiful Switserland 

Make a stop in my beloved Italy and spend one night there ( and eat a lovely pasta)

Take this ferry from Livorno to ...

One of the most beautiful islands i know Corsica

Gonna miss you all my, dear blogfriends but i will be back in 10 days....XX

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ilove tablesetting

Every Christmas we have a big family dinner at our house. I love to do the tablesetting. This year the theme was Climate Neutral. So i bought plates and glasses from the thriftstore ( apart from the silver) and served pumpkin soup in tiny Souvenir glasses. We had a lot of fun! These are some tablesettings ilove.

Breakfast for two

Simple and white

Scandinavian my favorite style

LOVE all the Glass. What kind of tablesetting do you love?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fresh Flower Friday

Remember my bottles and me talking about Yellow ? So i filled my bottles again with fresh flowers and picked some wild yellow flowers from the field because our florist does not like yellow (she just doesn't know yet :) and didn't have any. Just wanted to show you how the yellow makes the difference.It's gloomy weather out here so no sparkling picture, but wanted to share it anyway. Have a happy,happy weekend and all you mothers out there you deserve some flowers on Sunday.xx

Thursday, May 6, 2010


First of all i have to say sorry to all you out there that have always been a fan of yellow. Because for years and years and could not stand the color yellow.I might have said something about it that wasn't very nice. But when i saw the cover of H&M and of the Dutch magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur i became obsessed. It's not only the yellow, it's the new role it plays in a combination with  pink and white. I could not get it out of my mind anymore. Let's see if you share my excitement.


This is what got me started.This yellow lamp, take it  away and the image is boring.Love the wall and the dash of pink. These guys know what they are doing at H&M.  Maybe it's  a little bit too industrial for me but oh! the yellow!

Than i saw this which made me almost go to our local paintshop.( i don't think hubby would have liked it though). I think those boots are Hunters which i've worn all winter.You can also buy them in yellow, but í should keep my head cool. 

This bracelett from Prettyboutique took my breath away, so cute.Keep calm and carry on:)

Ok, i will probably never wear this dress, but the colors!

I would not mind having breakfast at this table.

Soo simple, but sooo nice. I went to the florist but she did not have yellow flowers. Will start my hunt again tomorrow.If i can sleep : D

And did i not tell you before? Old people are cool and yellow is back big time!

Monday, May 3, 2010

ilove Pink

Since i was a little girl i love pink ( and girly). Fell out of love when i was an adolescent but that was just part of kicking against everything in that period.Ilovepink and it's getting worse and worse thrue the years. 

Pink and Bambi, a cover for your iphone found at Clovercoeur got to have it.

Pink heart and japanese Kit Kat, found at pretty pretty yum yum what more can you wish for when your in a bad mood.

Saw this image at the blog of Short southern momma although ilovemykitchen i'd happily cook in this one.

Pastel pink flowers, sigh.... ilove  PINK

Sunday, May 2, 2010

ilove my Queens day finds

I found a lot of great things at the Queens day mega fleamarket which i can use for all kinds of things. Let me show you.

Vintage handkerchiefs, i tied them together and want to use them for my youngest daughter birthday party.

Remember my letterbak post? I found these little wooden shoes and the letterbak to display them in.

The print on this plate is so beautiful , i just had to buy it.

The post i did about reviving and recycling got me insired to buy this. I want to  refurnish an old footstool and found this cute embroidery.

This hotel silver tray was a bargain.I will use it to put my flower bottles on, so they look even nicer.

I had a happy Queens day!


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