Friday, May 7, 2010

Fresh Flower Friday

Remember my bottles and me talking about Yellow ? So i filled my bottles again with fresh flowers and picked some wild yellow flowers from the field because our florist does not like yellow (she just doesn't know yet :) and didn't have any. Just wanted to show you how the yellow makes the difference.It's gloomy weather out here so no sparkling picture, but wanted to share it anyway. Have a happy,happy weekend and all you mothers out there you deserve some flowers on Sunday.xx


  1. Very pretty, and happy Mothers Day to you. We have already celebrated ours.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I love yellow flowers! So cheerful! I had them in my bridal bouquet and it was so sunny and gorgeous!

  3. Oh that looks lovely!
    If you like yellow, take a look here:


  4. how lovely! I love the range of shapes and sizes, and how they all work so well together. Pretty!

  5. Ziet er zo lief uit
    bedankt voor de tip :P
    Ik ga ook bloemen in glazen vazen doen !!!!
    Niet alle bloemen in een vaas hihihi...

    Fijn weekend

  6. Oh these flowers in the bottles look wonderful! I'm so into fresh flowers on the kitchen table since I live in my own appartment. Flowers make each room more beautiful. I had some pink and YELLOw (haha) tulips some weeks ago :)

  7. Vanmiddag ook bloemen gezien in het Limburgse land Meer bloesem dan bloemen. Ook heel mooi! ! Een gezellige Moederdag op zondag Overigens nog langs kasteel BLOEMENDAAL gereden gr

  8. Such a lovely display ~ I bet all those flowers smell so good! I hope you are having a good weekend too!

    xo Catherine

  9. That yellow changes the whole thing! Just lovely! I have tons of fresh flowers right now & I am in heaven!!! I thought of you when my mom brought me tulips!

  10. PErfectLY displayed. I looked at everyone of the flowers and they are artistically presented and the gradation dispersement of colors is simply genius! You really have a "floral thumb", my dear friend! I wish I could do that!

  11. I love love love fresh flowers. I think they look sooo great in these bottles. Who would have known all kinds of different bottles would make such a beautiful picture!



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