Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm lucky in love. Not lucky in winning things. So when i won a giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers
Ted and Bunny i was thrilled. So yesterday  i opened my mail box and found this.

A pink package from the British Royal mail.Sent by Elaine.

Beautifully wrapped with attention for detail. I guess she rememered my new found  love for Yellow.

Inside were two vintage monogrammed damast napkins.I know i am an emotional fool sometimes but this brought tears to my eyes. To receive something so beautiful, packed with so much love and attention from someone you've never met, how great is that :) I know Elaine sells  the most beautiful vintage and antique things  from her website and on E bay

Wouldn't you love to watch Wimbledon now  in this vintage Tennis dress !

But seriously,  please check out her two blogs Ted and Bunny and Sunniestsideup ( about two chickens) and read about her life with " a horse, a cat, two chickens and us"  in the most beautiful part of the Dorset Countryside. It's British humor at it's best.
Thanks again Elaine, you made my day!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010 bathroom

Although it's still work in progress we are getting there.... This is our downstairs bathroom which is not finished yet but at least i can take a hot bath now. The bath we chose is from Duravit and has plenty of room for two :) I like to make a combination between "old " and new so that's why the bath has a modern look. 
The windows are recycled old windows from our house and behind them is our bedroom.The floor tiles are oversized and a natural sand color, the tiles on the bath have a "mother of pearl" finish so they have a different color everytime the light changes.I chose blue silk curtains for the windows to make it a little warmer and the chair is a leftover of a fashion photoshoot i did in the past.
So i still got some decorating to do but i think interiors have to grow, so for  now i am  Happy.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

ilove....miss Piggy

ilovemissPiggy. Not only this miss Piggy

Although i am a huge fan of her girl power...   Excusez moi

 I mean this miss Piggy. It's a Dutch Rose which was selected to play a main role at the Royal wedding  today of  Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

So great that she picked this Rose, she chose it because she loves pink and they are beautiful. But i was thinking of the time when this Princess defeated  Anorexia and how brave she was to share this with the rest of the world and how great it is to pick a rose with this name.Girl power!

 (this is her with her father who gave her away) 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ilove... outdoor dining

In my previous post you saw that Holland is not the perfect country for outdoor dining. So whenever it's possible we like to dine outdoors. Here's some inspiration.

These vintage birdcages create just the right atmosphere.

LOve this  "orangy" pink with aqua blue.

Outdoor Pancake breakfast.

Do you like dining outdoors? XX 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can it stop raining please...

You know i like to show you beautiful things and pictures. So be prepared. This is going to be the ugliest post ever! This is my House and garden in the rain. It's been raining here for a few days now and although i bless rain for my garden and the best reason to stay at home and snuggle up with a book, can it stop raining now please?  
Rain everywhere, even the birdhouse from Moooi  looks deserted and wet.Wet

My daughter Britt's old rusty bicycle, she took the bus this morning.Wet.

These Flowers  have enough water now, thank you. Wet.

Silent (wet) witnesses of a romantic evening with hubby and a bottle of Rosé.Wet

I bought this watering :) can last weekend to put these neglected plants back to life. (I know the weeds looks terrible in this picture ,they grow like crazy in this weather and i warned you about this being the ugliest post ever: D Wet.

WET.WET.WET.   Can it stop raining now PLEASE ?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 part II

Is it Spring, my Dutch genes? My house without flowers just doesn't feel right. Try to imagine what these pictures would look like if you take out the flowers and you'll see what i mean.

A flower arangement at a wedding table. What's a wedding without flowers? (  I'm looking at every thrift store for white glass vases and bottles.)

Wild flowers in a vintage vase.

This combination peonies, "Delfts blue" and stripes.Beautiful.

Roses and flower fabrics, romantic and fresh.


Exciting color combination.

Sometimes it's hard to throw flowers away, because they remain beautiful.

Roses, and silver.
What are your favorite flowers?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

ilove simple

I like to keep things simple. I'm a very chaotic person, so simple keeps me alive and sane. As a family we always gather so many things so after a few weeks i take a garbage bag and throw ( or give) away all the clutter just to keep things simple and organized. (not that i succeed in keeping it simple, but hey it's the thought that counts ;))  Here are some examples of what i mean with simple.

 A simple country kitchen, ok there's a lot of stuff there but i still think it's simple.

Simple tableware

Simple flowers in simple vases.

Simple and clean  bed linnen.

A simple day bed.
Simple but not boring.

The most simple recipe but the dish i like best. Insalata Caprese. Simply  heaven.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ilove Rosé

Ilovewine but  Rosé gives me this ultra summer feeling. On our trip to the Provence we visited some Chateaus that produce Rosé and of course we brought home some ;)  bottles. After we got home we had to taste the Rosé and finished a few of them (we had a bit of help of my parents)  The empty bottles were so beautiful that i thought it was a shame to bring them to the bottle bank. That's why i used them this way, so i  can smile, think back of our wonderful  trip and have a good excuse to open  another :D  



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