Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yes, yes still alive and kicking. Not going to write that i'll be blogging as usual again (as if anyone would still be remotely interested :)))  But for you who hung in there..
Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.... may all your dreams come true ...

Here are some photos i wanted to share.
We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of wine,good wine,great wine, desert wine, red wine, white wine, french wine, spanish wine ... (and a head ache). Oh yes and we had some lovely food.

See that drawing on my mantle... i copied it from something i saw on Desperate housewives ( see watching this does make you creative :)) 

Candles, candles, candles.
Just used my good old pastels again.

No white Christmas this year...... dont you hate it when its green and rainy?

Anyways darlings...wishing you all the best for 2012 and hope to "see" everyone again soon.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Its out of sheer frustration that i am making this post. Too lazy to make pictures of my own house(which is a mess anyway).Nothing has changed out of lack of inspiration and me preffering watching Desperate housewives with my mouth full of chocolate instead of arranging some fresh flowers....
Now that this has been said i would like to share these pictures of different livingrooms and hope in doing so i get off my lazy b*tt and start making my own livingroom ready for Fall. (or clean it would be nice too)


This aint exactly Fall, iloveit anyway...maybe next summer (oh summer PLEASE come back, i miss you)

I might go and live in a lofty house someday  (oh that garden is driving us nuts sometimes, imagine spending a sunday morning on your terrace overlooking Barcelona) and start learning spanish, and go poledancing, kickboxing.....start a restaurant or foodtruck.....surfing.... and begin a webshop or a bed and breakfast ( i think i might have ADHD)

Me likee the combinations here....clean crisp

This is my inspiration for Fall colors, and the mix of styles. Perfect!

Have a happy, happy Wednesday..its sunny outside!


Friday, August 26, 2011

ilove......route du soleil

For all of you who want to test your relationship. Try driving in the rain on the " route du soleil" (sunshine highway) and have nothing but traffic jams.

See that Lonely planet? Very optimisticly we headed towards Spain. It took us 22 hours to get there....
Because on this saturday everyone in France decided they had to go south also ( how dare they?)

Making a stop for gas and find at least 15 people in line in front of you having the same idea. (And i am not even talking about getting a cup of coffee)

 Jil gave up,the DVD player did not work.........

But we ended up in Spain. This is our VW in San Sebastian, a great town with great food.

Lessons learned.....

Our relationship still rocks....

And  never ever go to the South of Europe  on a saturday in august.

Have a great feels great to be back.



Thursday, August 25, 2011


On a Danish beach

After having so much fun with our VW camper we decided to rent it to other people sometimes. (And to make some money :)) let's be honest....
I made a blog called milesofsmiles. It's in Dutch. But if my friends from overseas are ever interested in a fun trip trough Europe.....get in touch.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Back again......

My dear dear followers. I cannot explain why i have not been posting for such a long time. This is so typically me i guess. I'm pretty good at starting something but finishing it......and the fact that i am a lazy person :)
Anyway, just wanted to let you know ( if anyone is still interested...) that i am doing well and i missed all you guys. Many Thanks to themiddlestsister, Temps Perdu and Crumpets and cakes who asked where i was and in that giving me the final push to pick up blogging again.
Anyway everything is well with me and my family  just got back from a very nice vacation in Spain and the south of France with our Old Volkswagen.  We had a great time and such beautiful weather, amazing. Made us realise that we might, might just sell our house and live over there. You never know.Will post some pictures of our trip soon.

The exciting news is that our house will be featured (with an interview with me) in one of Hollands leading interior magazines Ariadneathome  and they will mention my blog. It will probably come out somewhere in October, will keep you posted. Pinky promiss :)

So now back to my ilove......

This is one picture ilove  

Urrutia Design contemporary

It has everything ilove. The outdoors, the combination of old and new. And lets not forget that swimmingpool. Check out for more inspiration.

That's it for now, lets not overdo it :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011 in progress

This weekend we've been busy with Jil's new room.We finally made the decision to give her Nick's room.As Nick went to university and lives there i found it hard to give his room away too soon. But Jil's room was so small it made no sense anymore to keep Nick's room  just for the rare occasion he sleeps here ( very busy social life :)).

So we started painting and i was soo happy when Jil and i agreed about this beautiful wallpaper of Nina Campbell. ( ok i pushed here just a little ...)
So this is where we left it, still got lots and lots of work to do.I'll keep you posted.


I still had some wallpaper left ( in fact it was a whole roll but please don't tell hubby...he was in shock when he saw the price).So i made a panell for our own bedroom with it.

I makes me happy, everytime i see it.

Have a happy, happy week.


Friday, January 14, 2011

ilove......this picture

If there is something that can move me its a picture. This picture was taken when a firefighter  in Wisconsin saved an old woman after a fire broke out in an appartementcomplex. It's the look in his eyes,the snowflakes, the dirty gloves and the sweet old lady, of course in a state of shock.
Thank God everybody was saved.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

ilove.....this dress

As you can see in my profile i used to work in the fashion industry and had enough of it. For years and years trends and styles were my "core" business and i went to work dressed like a smart business woman :)
So after  i changed my life radically t-shirts and jeans is what ilove to wear.
For Christmas i already decided to wear a simple black dress from two years ago untill i saw this one while shopping for my last Christmas gifts. Tried it fitted perfectly.

But i never feel comfortable when being dressed up too much so i also bought these  boots to wear it with.Oh yes hubby loved them :)

I wore the same outfit New years feet are still sore but i felt great in it.

What did you wear for Christmas?


Monday, January 3, 2011

ilove.....this New Year

Happy, Happy  New Year everybody. I hope i'm not too late with my best wishes but i needed a while to recover from all festivities :))    May all your dreams come true......

Just wanted to share pictures of our Christmas table. We had a wonderful evening filled with love and laughter ( and lots of wine, food (and crazy dancing much to my childrens embarresment...)

 By day.....

By night....

I  used everything i already have ( i always buy too much in thriftstores) and put it on the table. I just invested in Bambi and a new tablecloth. 

So now it's back to normal and i must say i was ready for "normal". Just threw my Christmas tree out of the window, it looked pathetic after no water all the time.

Anyways, again have a good one.... and ilove and look forward to reading all your posts in 2011.



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