Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ilove.......work in progress

This weekend we've been busy with Jil's new room.We finally made the decision to give her Nick's room.As Nick went to university and lives there i found it hard to give his room away too soon. But Jil's room was so small it made no sense anymore to keep Nick's room  just for the rare occasion he sleeps here ( very busy social life :)).

So we started painting and i was soo happy when Jil and i agreed about this beautiful wallpaper of Nina Campbell. ( ok i pushed here just a little ...)
So this is where we left it, still got lots and lots of work to do.I'll keep you posted.


I still had some wallpaper left ( in fact it was a whole roll but please don't tell hubby...he was in shock when he saw the price).So i made a panell for our own bedroom with it.

I makes me happy, everytime i see it.

Have a happy, happy week.


Friday, January 14, 2011

ilove......this picture

If there is something that can move me its a picture. This picture was taken when a firefighter  in Wisconsin saved an old woman after a fire broke out in an appartementcomplex. It's the look in his eyes,the snowflakes, the dirty gloves and the sweet old lady, of course in a state of shock.
Thank God everybody was saved.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

ilove.....this dress

As you can see in my profile i used to work in the fashion industry and had enough of it. For years and years trends and styles were my "core" business and i went to work dressed like a smart business woman :)
So after  i changed my life radically t-shirts and jeans is what ilove to wear.
For Christmas i already decided to wear a simple black dress from two years ago untill i saw this one while shopping for my last Christmas gifts. Tried it on...it fitted perfectly.

But i never feel comfortable when being dressed up too much so i also bought these  boots to wear it with.Oh yes hubby loved them :)

I wore the same outfit New years eve.......my feet are still sore but i felt great in it.

What did you wear for Christmas?


Monday, January 3, 2011

ilove.....this New Year

Happy, Happy  New Year everybody. I hope i'm not too late with my best wishes but i needed a while to recover from all festivities :))    May all your dreams come true......

Just wanted to share pictures of our Christmas table. We had a wonderful evening filled with love and laughter ( and lots of wine, food (and crazy dancing much to my childrens embarresment...)

 By day.....

By night....

I  used everything i already have ( i always buy too much in thriftstores) and put it on the table. I just invested in Bambi and a new tablecloth. 

So now it's back to normal and i must say i was ready for "normal". Just threw my Christmas tree out of the window, it looked pathetic after no water all the time.

Anyways, again have a good one.... and ilove and look forward to reading all your posts in 2011.



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