Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Canon Eos

Doesn't it make great pictures....?
This is not a commercial, me just an amateur that is happy with the results.        

My dear Bambi.... surrounded by my favourite colours

                                                             Happy happy wednesday


Friday, September 14, 2012

Creative space

Today it was kind of a fall day i got some time to change clean up  my creative space.

Right now i am working on a project for a shop called JOE MERINO.
They sell the best merino pulls for men ever and have a shop in the centre of Amsterdam (they sell online too). Hence the moodboard with JOE... (and the boxing gloves)the interior has to be very masculin. I will show you the results later....

Of course this is the "after" shot..... 
(You can see my inspiration board on Pinterest)

Have a fun fun fun weekend


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Le marché in le Sud

ilove markets, wherever i am they always bring a smile on my face....
Holland can be rainy, so markets are a whole difference experience in a country where there is plenty of Sunshine.

Big pans full of food Basquais ( i would probably never cook again)
But the best on French markets is the rottiserie fillled with chickens (sorry vegetarian followers..)

See that chicken fat dripping on potatoes and vegetables? Thats the ultimate proof of French paradox!    

                                                                    Le menu du jour......

                                                 Le menu du jour...part two..;))



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just got back

We just got back from a fantastic trip to the South West of France...Les Landes.
Le Atlantic.. I caught some waves, and they caught me..

Don't know why but in France i don't care if people are so close to my towel (in fact almost on my towel)

We lived like Gypsies...(ok maybe besides the laptop) and had a GREAT time.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hooked on Pinterest

Please visit me on Pinterest....neglecting my blog but maybe you will like my boards...


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yep! Here i am......back in my blogging mojo ( as my dear friend from Ted an Bunny calls it).
Busy with doing lots of things. There is sweet chillichicken in the oven from my new favorite cook Annabelle Langbein  (great name, long legs....)

While thats cooking i'm reading a new great online magazine Naturelle.

Did some body work because Spring is on its way (i hope) and that means bikinis have to be worn again.
Doing this workout might do the trick.....??

Then i am  playing Draw something on my phone with a friend from work

And.... i am making a new post.... Oh God my chicken!!

Have a Happy Happy  wednesday.



Thursday, February 2, 2012


When its cold outside ilove to snuggle with a blanket (sheepskin in my back) on my couch with a magazine. Our Norwegian woodburner snoring in the background.
See that cushion on my couch? A very talented friend Elsy from England handmade it for me.... ilove the colours (pastels).
My newest item is the oversized lamp, as you might know by now ilove the combination of traditional with a little makes reading magazines at night easier nowadays..:))

We had close friends over for dinner. I made tortilla wraps and took my things from Christmas 2010 to decorate. (recycle,recycle,recycle....)

                                             Have a cosy,cosy Thursday


Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Happy, happy tuesday!
The sun is shining, its cold outside by the end of the week we might get lucky and can  go iceskating. THE national sport in Holland when its freezing. This reminds me of....
End of november hubby and i went to Portugal for a long weekend (yes without the children:)). We had 4 days of sunshine and 20 degrees.
We found this beachclub and settled in the beanbags with a great cappucino.( and great white wine after that)

Being there off season we were the only guests...

We had our choice of hammock....

I could live the rest of my life in that little blue house...God how i love the Ocean.

See those sunglasses.....thats Mr. R enjoying some november sunshine....

Just google this name and go there sometimes....we are in love.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012 house

So proud to have our house featured in house and styling magazine Ariadneathome.
I don't have the original pictures yet so i took some pictures from the magazine to give you an impression.(So please forgive the poor quality)

 This Jil and me sitting at our table, sipping coffee (of course just for the picture, she doesnt like coffee)

The table i got from my dear friend Antoinette when she moved to Italy. (she is back now, but no way i'm returning the table ;)). And of course my (not my brothers :)) painting and bench.

Our kitchen.. see that cookbook. My favorite from Sophie Dahl.

Our bathroom and Jils bedroom.

                                                           Have a happy,happy tuesday


Thursday, January 19, 2012


I don't actually. Well of course i do, but there is a reason why i painted our house white...whiter...whitest.
But life is boring without colors.Isn't it?

So to ad some colours (and Lord knows i need colours in january:))
I stole/borrowed these French old waterbottles from mum's house . Mum knows about me borrowing things, my house is full of it .... i don't return it  
(remember my library books mum?) and the bills that came in....

This old horseshoe is from a thrift store in Sweden, boring....but not with this violet ribbon.
(Did you know that you never,ever hang a horseshoe with its opening pointed towards the floor. The luck will poor out of your house and we dont want that, do we?)

I bought this colourful rope to tie hubby  to make presents more colourful.

Have a happy,happy colourful Thursday.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012 parents house

So the New Year has started and of course i have New Years resolutions. Behave,blog more,drink less wine, watch less soaps and eat no chocolate for a while.....( a day or so)
I also bought a new camera.(thanks to hubby)
Yesterday i went to my parents appartement and tested it. Here  you can see where my love for styling came from.

Living room

Like me my mother loves magazines and cant throw any away.

My mum loves designers stuff...

And she irons all her bedlinnen....not something i inherited :))

My favorite colors...

Ilove this chinese room divider, the Maria statue was found on the streets of Barcelona years ago.
Mum almost had to buy an extra plain ticket to take her home.....

Mum and i both love to mix old and new stuff.

ILOVE her house and ilove her......(and Dad too of course)


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