Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi there, on this happy sunday i wanted to share some pictures of things in my house again.

These beautiful peonies  my son Nick gave me before he left for Greece on a holiday.  He's at university in Amsterdam and very busy ( not always with studying, mind you) so i don't get to see him as much as i would love to. I am not a nagging mother , i just cherish the moments when he does find time to come and see us :)   ilovehim.

On this cabinet there is a sculpture i got from my parents when Nick was little. It's represents him as a happy little boy on his tricycle. Next to the cabinet a lamp made out of broken glass handmade by an artist in Amsterdam.

On this small cabinet a Swedish figurine i got from a Swedish customer once. I forgot what she stands for, but when i light the candles in front of her at night, she looks so lovely, like an angel.

Inside the cabinet is a tea set i got for Mother's day when we were in Singapore, i only use it on special occasions to afraid to break it. Behind it is an old Dutch tile we found in the ground when we were renovating our house. It dates back from 1780 and was still completely  intact.

 ilove, love seashells. Here is a small collection. Although i am not a very religious person the small antique English bible means a lot to me. Next to it a picture of me in my weddingdress after drinking too much Champagne.

And last but not least, my latest project this sofa. I bought it at a fleamarket and chose these two fabrics for a new upholster. I am not totally satisfied yet but it's getting there. And for those of you have been following me longer. Yeah! It's still here, the painting!   

Have a happy, happy Sunday!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing these images. I love your house!
    I like that image of you, in your weddingdress, having had too much champagne;) One should be giggly and smiley of too much champagne on a weddingday!

    I think the sofa looks divine, I do enjoy the fact you have two fabrics.

    Happy sunday!

  2. Oh my goodness, I knwow you love your houes but I love your house too!!!

    Most impressed with your mirror and hall table and your sofa and that beautiful painting of two boys running on the beach. You have great style, top work!

  3. Whoops sorry, spelling atrocious! just far too excited and impressed to concentrate on typing correctly, lol!!

  4. I had my fingers crossed all the way through the post until it came to...THE PICTURE!! Does this mean you have it for keeps, now that you've bought and upholstered a sofa to place with it?

    Next best to the picture I love the little drop-front cupboard, and the lamp made from broken glass.

    Such a beautiful home, it feels so tranquil and light and looks like pages from a magazine.

    Have a happy Sunday

  5. Wow, it's a fantastic room!!! I like evry corner, the cabinet and the sofa are my favourite pieces!

    hugs, Zaira xx

  6. Oh your house is beautiful! Aww, how sweet of your son to give those peonies to you :) I really love the way you displayed them in the glass bottles.

  7. Beautiful house, so calming and relaxing. I love peonies ~ so special because they are from your son! It must be hard when they move out, (mine is 17 so he will off to college before I know it). The table you have the peonies on and the mirror are stunning!! xo

    p.s. I am having a Lavanila fragrance giveaway for followers of my FB fan page if this interests you!

  8. Your house is so beautiful ~ calm and relaxing! That lamp looks so interesting! I would like to see how it looks in the dark with the light on. Perhaps a future post?? :)

    That's cute that you have a photo of yourself from your wedding and drinking too much of the bubbly! Obviously you were very happy and celebrating! :)

    Hope you are having the loveliest of weekends!
    xo Catherine

  9. What a lovely and serene space you have created! Your home is just beautiful!

  10. Love you house, very calming and relaxing. How thoughtful of your son to buy you flowers....

  11. iloveyourhousetoo! Love it, I just adore all of the whites, it takes talent to make that work, in my opinion, and you do it so beautifully! XO!

  12. I love everything about that last picture...from the slipped chair, the light blue cabinet, your picture and your new sofa...EVERYTHING is beautiful.

  13. Hi Linda!! Oh, you found a tile from 1780 completly intact?? Lucky girl!! Love the way you have displayed this marvelous tea set, the same happens to me with the ones I have won on auctions, I love them so much that I am afraid to use them...
    Your house is as stylish as it is relaxing, love it!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday evening!!

  14. I am in love with you house and thank you for sharing but am and SUPER in love with that lamp made with broken glass- Amazing- Do you remeber the name of the artisit- I would love to see if they have a website!

  15. I love the colors in your house! Beautiful! And the peonies are just gorgeous!


  16. love all these personal things with a story, especially the peonies, the tricycle sculpture, the tile and the Bible. i've been learning over the years to resist the tyrrany of "just so" and embrace meaning. what a nice family you have! that is so heartwarming!

  17. youngest now in greece....goodness....

  18. i am in love with your flea market sofa! the colors are just beautiful! and the peony collection from your son, so sweet and lovely. you have such a bright, welcoming living and blogging space!

  19. You have SUCH a beautiful house, and a very sweet son (coincidently, I have pink peonies in my little loft-thingy right now too). And your sofa is just to die for, so gorgeous...

  20. Linda, your house is gorgeous, simply beautiful and so tidy!
    Love the sofa, the cabinet , the consolle, the flowers.. oh I'm in love with everything!!!
    Just keep posting pleaseeeee
    Hugs to you xxxx

  21. I love your house!!!
    those pictures make me want to move in :)

  22. Your home is just gorgeous! I am totally gaga for it! That couch is amazing! You are so talented!

  23. I absolutely love your house too!!! It is beautiful!! You've definitely done an amazing job getting it just right :)


  24. Oh my,
    Your house is just so beautiful .......... it is very similar to the shop that I have just posted about, isn't it ? .......... although, your house is much more beautiful. I love the way that you have decorated it and the beautiful things that you have found to fill it.
    I can understand how much you miss your son. Our children are grown up now, our son is married and our daughter has her own home. I, too, cherish the times that we spend together.
    Have a lovely week. XXXX

  25. OMG...your house is soooo gorgeous! that peony lined table is my fave !!!


  26. I've just found your blog, and oh my goodness, it's absolutely gorgeous! Your home is stunning, and you've done an amazing job on your renovation. Now your newest follower, and I'm really looking forward to reading through all of your lovely posts. K xx

  27. so interesting blog.
    great work.
    ciao from Milan
    Nicola freshONpr

  28. Jeetje mineetje, je huis is een echt thuis! prachtig, sober, geweldig, ik hou ervan!

    Een gezellige avond. xx

  29. I noticed that lamp made from broken glass the other day when I was looking at your pictures. I love it so much! Your house is so fresh...I think I need you to come here and redo my whole house!

  30. i defenitely love your home an your sofa is fantastic!

  31. lovely lovely home, really nice sofa/settee! the house looks so welcoming.

  32. I thought I had left a comment here.. but I must have dreamed it.. I loved this little sneak peek into your beautiful home. So nice to hear about the memories and meaningfulness of the things we see.
    I too like to have my kids near me - when everyone is under the same roof, I am happy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    x Charlotta



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