Thursday, July 8, 2010


First of all THANK YOU for cheering for our Dutch soccer team. We made it to the final :-)
Let's just wait what hubby will do with all the bunting he still has.( i want no part of it, seriously)
Here the weather is fantasic and with that i always think about one of my favorite colors turqoise. I think this color represents Summer .

 I saw this house for sale in London. I would be too chicken to paint my house like this. But oh, iloveit.The combination with gold is so beautiful.

I'm a real coward when it comes to colors. This is the most i would dare for our house.Turqoise, white, sand and a touch of pale pink. 

LOve this pale turqoise union jack pillow i found on Etsy by  Helkatdesign

But hé, let's stick to turqoise and Summer, how about this outdoor kitchen i saw on  Lille Lykke's blog.

And these turqoise vases make the difference in this  lovely tablesetting.

I think i just start with painting my toenails :D (told you i am chicken)

Have a happy,happy Summer.



  1. Hi Linda!!! Heeeey we made to the final!!!! ;)
    Paul the physic octupus is a smart guy LOL !!!

    Love the first photo, and all the lovely details on it, that dress, those shoes...Turquoise means summer for me too, recently I bought two new colours (turquoise and aquamarine) for my palette and couldn´t resist to dedicate a post to them!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!


  2. ahh...but turquoise tones so WELL with orange; if you were to paint your walls turquoise you could hang the orange bunting as a PERMANENT feature.
    I know that you would just SO love that, wouldn't you?
    with love

  3. I love turquoise!

    And I´m very happy for you that you reached the final. I am going to watch the final aswell and I will think of you and your hubby and cheer for Oranje! Go go go!

  4. that first pic is beautiful indeed!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say its GORGEOUS!

    do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other. =)


  5. lovely interiors, loving the walls with gold in the first image!
    Dutch to win the Cup!

  6. Love turquoise for summer. That house is gorgeous! xo

  7. Oh yes ~ turquoise is a lovely summer color! It is a bit scary jumping into a color commitment isn't it? Starting with your toe nail painting is a good start. :)

    Have fun!
    xo Catherine

  8. We hope the voetbal team goes all the way!!!

  9. Wow! The turquoise walls and gold molding is GORGEOUS in the first photo!

  10. love all the pics especially the first and the second ones. you've got such a good eye for these finer things. turqoise happends to be my fav colour. :)

    ~ash's mum

  11. This is just fantastic...and I say be brave and start with the toenails! :) xoxo-Carrie

  12. I am so loving the Chanel nail polish - v good choice, I love chanel x

  13. Haha, well then I think I'm chicken too. I usually paint my toenails before my fingernails.
    I love that turquoise and gold room. At my house, when I was little, the mantle had an elaborate design that we painted reminds me of that, even though that house is much more elegant!

  14. I love turquoise. It's one of my favourite colours. It's where green and blue meet :)

  15. Now I want to paint my toes that color too! :)
    Completely agree, Turquoise is the perfect Summer hue!

  16. Die muren zijn inderdaad geweldig zo met dat gouden accent. Zou het ook nooit doen, vraag me dan af of het na een paar maanden nog zo leuk zal zijn... De aqua vaasjes zijn geweldig!
    Een gezellig zomers weekend. xx

  17. ooh that first house is beautiful, the gold trim is just perfect! And what a lovely outdoor kitchen! congrats on making it to the final!

  18. Me too I would be too chicken to actually DO it but love the idea. I would definitely do the nails in that colour, though! Especially if it's Chanel.

  19. I am so cuckoo that I could paint a wall turquoise before I could paint my toenails that shade!
    Any traditional Dutch recipes you can send me? I'm doing a family tree cookbook for Marcel and Regan. His mom is sending me some early next week but they have to be translated first. I'm always asking for your help aren't I? You are a good friend! Love that first room. You could do would be gorgeous! xxoo

  20. In the picture of your kitchen on the sidebar..your pitcher looks turquoise...see how well it suits you? You can go for it! Just like the soccer team!

  21. Love, love it all, but that 2nd photo makes my heart go pitter patter. You had asked about adding a signature line.... my sweet friend Tara sent me this link and it helped me create mine... hope it helps!

  22. Oh, gorgeous! I love turquoise, I'm still not sick of it! Gorgeous paired with that gold, just lovely! And I love the nail polish! XO!

  23. First of all me and my boyfriend are sitting on the bed and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the Netherlands in this very moment! :)

    And: I am so in love with this outdoor kitchen! This is the most lovely thing I've ever seen :)

    Pale turquoise looks so romantic, especially with the golden accents like in the London house.

  24. loving the outdoor kitchen.....

    GO HOLLAND! Goed zo!

  25. Officiating has NOT been great, has it? Almost makes you WONDER if someone has some kind of AGENDA....


  26. Perfect color for summer! I think your toenails are a great place to start!

  27. this light and easy blue color makes me happy, inspiring me to do some repainting in my house :)

  28. I'd be afraid of painting my house turquoise, too! I'll compromise and go for blue.

  29. I love turqoise, I recently had our 3 pce suite covered in turquoise covers and we are now considering using turquoise to decorate our bathroom. I love that outdoor kitchen, what a great idea!



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