Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ilove....this place

Is there a limit to what you should share with all your blogfriends? Yes i think there is. With this post i have almost reached that limit.I wanted to share some pictures of a "place" in my house i visit multiple times a day ( and yes i wash my hands afterwards:) It's a place that i can lock and be alone with my thoughts, without being disturbed. So i personally think that this "place" should not be neglected and styled properly.This is what i did to make every visit worthwile :0

I framed some pictures of the Kennedy family and a roadmap of the island  Martha's Vineyard. I spent a whole summer there when i was much younger,  and have very fond memories of it. It makes me smile everyday i see it. The thriftwood was given to me by my mother, she bought it in South Africa. Then of course to make my "place" smell good there is the Marseille soap....


I brought it back from our last trip to the Provence and besides the smell of the soap, ilove the pastel colors. There is also an old horseshoe ( huge size) wich i found at a thrift store in the South of Sweden and some advice to other visitors of my "place" to keep it clean and tidy. You see, my "place" is an everyday trip down  memory lane. What brings you down "memory lane" ?

Have a happy day.



  1. Oh Jaaa, I love this place too!!! Ga nog eens rustig kijken, zo veel moois te zien.
    Voor jou ook een leuke gezellige dinsdag! xx

  2. Ik lees nu je tekst, in jouw huis! Je hebt er een prachtig kleinste kamertje van gemaakt! Heel heel stijlvol. xx

  3. Wow--this is a very stylish "place"--haha! Mine's not nearly so fancy. My living room is my favorite place in the house, I think. It's really homey and there are tons of books and lots of color, and it just makes me feel so happy. Plus, there's usually a bottle of wine on the coffee table, which makes it even better. :)

  4. i wouldn't mind getting stuck in that "place" - it's very pretty! :)

    ~ash's mum

  5. Oh dear,
    your place is wonderful, it really is.
    I would like to see more, every little corner of it.
    Thanks for sharing,

  6. What a beautiful house that must be (the pictures) Congrats on the horseshoe find, and visiting Provence!

  7. Love the framed pieces you've put together!! I would say that certain smells and photos take me down memory lane. I can immediately be 6 years old in my grandmother's kitchen with certain baked goods or Ukrainian dishes. One whiff and I sometimes cry remembering her!!


  8. Haha ~ love the little sign in your bathroom ~ too funny! One does spend a lot of time in the washroom ~ why not have a pretty one? Very lovely! :)

    xo Catherine

  9. I love your bathroom, it has such character & charm!! xo

  10. I love the driftwood mobile, that's lovely. I have alot of driftwood around my home that I've collected for years, and bathroom is just perfect. I do love your soaps, such a simple effective detail. Love it!

  11. so many nice feminine touches! thx for sharing!

  12. I love that post and your bathroom seems so nice...

    don't worry about guest bloggin on my blog....You can do it as soon as you have some free time....

    Have a great week!


  13. With a bathroom as lovely as that...it's perfectly fine that you show it off!

    Julie xo

  14. I must say, your bathroom has got to be the loveliest bathrooms I've ever seen! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  15. I LOVE the pictures of the Kennedys! I am pretty obsessed, what a clever, clever idea! Your bathroom is so gorgeous, I love the character, it's very unique! XO!

  16. A beautiful room! So good to see that your thriftwood came from my home country!

  17. your "special" is very stylish :)
    love all of those soaps.

  18. I totally thought they'd stretch out too, but no dice!! And they have the most perfect lining, too!!

    (i'm in my pj's at the computer)

  19. Oh Linda this is just GORGEOUS- a real "pee palace"! I'd be drinking water non-stop so that I could visit it as often as possible!!

    Thankyou for the lovely comments you've left for me, they've made me laugh!...when do you begin your holiday?
    Lots of love xx

  20. Your home is like a goregous magazine! I can't believe you get to live there!!! I think I would never want to some out of that loo!!! Super duper cute! You have more style in your bathroom than I have in my whole house! :)

  21. Your home is amazing - I love the pictures and the ones of the Kennedy's amazing!!! Love it all..


  22. Truly gorgeous! You had me at the first picture itself! Mesmerizing!! LOvvveee your blog! Following you for more inspiration! :)

  23. What a beautiful sanctuary! Love that that part of your house can take you down Memory Lane. That truly is sweetness!

    Lovely lovely.

  24. Gorgeous...every time you share photos of your house, your blog's name makes so much sense to me! :)

  25. OMG...how pretty is your bathroom! im seriously in love with it!

    thanks for sharing these pics. have a lovely weekend dearie!


  26. Love, love it. I'm so glad you put this up. I'm also particular about 'the place' and yet find very little creative ideas on the net

  27. I love these pictures-
    May I be so bold as to ask: are you going to use your soaps? They are so pretty and they must lather pefectly- I would not be able to stop myself...

    I would use them with the thought that it's time to go back and get more as soon as they are used up!

    I love the drift wood- art made out of nature is my favorite.

    I would say that what 'takes me back in time' is some of the little figurines that I collected as a child that are now in my office/creative space.

    have a great weekend.

  28. It would make the room so nice that people would want to spend more time in there.

    Nice to display your fond memories somewhere you see them daily.

  29. So lovely. I love the stack of pastel soaps, and I wish I could smell it from here! haha..



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