Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Check out this hotel in Brussels, Belgium called BLOOM. This picture got me interested.

Belgium is a great country, with lovely people and fine food so enough reasons to go there.
(And i am not being paid for promoting this)

Some more pictures of  BLOOM


Breakfast room.

Lobby. I've been wanting to buy this bubble chair by Aarnio forever. It's just too expensive but oh how comfortable and beautiful. A perfect place to dream away.

They have different fresco's in all their rooms. Made by different artists.

This is the childfriendly room. So cute.

To finish it of they have this great restaurant called SMOODS with a deejay on Friday and Saturday!

And the rates of the hotel aren't too bad either. I am going to book a room SOON.



  1. That looks AMAZING and the kids' room is adorable! Mostly, though, I'm swooning over that restaurant!

  2. We went to Belgium with friends a few years ago and stayed in Ghent.
    It was a really lovely place; the people were great and we went by train to Bruges which I thought was lovely but spolit by so many like-minded tourists!
    Ghent has a stunning Modern Art museum and the MOST amazing restuarant called House of Elliot, which was like eating the most divine food in the world, sitting in your grannies front parlour!
    Afterwards we sat outside on a balcony which was lapped by the river, drinking champagne and feeling thoroughly spoliled. A Night to Remember!

    Hope you get to Bloom and sit in those fab chairs

  3. Wow ~ that looks like a fantastic hotel! It looks like staying at this hotel would be a holiday in itself ~ yes? I hope you are lucky enough to stay there soon ~ I would love to see more photos of it. Very unique.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    xo Catherine

  4. Gorgeous space! Is that chair a swing?! Love it! xo

  5. Artistieke foto's! Hypermodern daar in Belgie.
    Een gezellige dinsdag. xx

  6. wow......lovely find. the things we can do when 'they' have disappeared......youngest goes to greece sunday too and eldest in spain.....world's our oyster

  7. i LOVE well designed hotels! The graphics on the walls are so hip!

  8. Wow I would so love to stay there! It's like a pretty dream!!!! Gorgeous! I especially love that first white chair!

  9. Wow this place is ultra mod and very very cool! If I hit the lotto I might just book a room too! :) - Carrie

  10. nice! soothing and very serene. love the dandelion wallpaper or painting(???).

  11. That picture got me VERY interested too! I normally go for hotels with more of that "old Europe" feeling but this one looks really great.
    Love the art on the walls and I agree with you , belgian people are really and truly nice !

  12. That is amazing! I love the flower theme,it's not too cutesy, just super hip. Gorgeous, I always get such a kick out of cool hotel decor! XO!

  13. LOVE the bubble chair and oh oh oh oh oh oh that beautiful dandelion fresco! That blue is so pretty and makes the white pop wonderfully!

  14. Ooooooh book me in for a few nights please..x

  15. Ooh I love it! My favorite is the breakfast room. So many pretty colors. I'd love to try the restaurant too. You mentioned before that you missed my last giveaway so I'd thought I would give you a heads up that I have a new giveaway up today. Have a great weekend!

  16. What a great find! Would love to have some great Belgium beer and mussels at that place and spend a week!

  17. WOW!!! How fabulous! I wish I could come book a room too! It seriously is justy gorgeous! That kid room is adorable too! It was really fun looking at those pics! In fact, I may just go peek again!

  18. this hotel looks fab! im definitely going there when i visit Belgium next!




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