Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ilove....this place

Is there a limit to what you should share with all your blogfriends? Yes i think there is. With this post i have almost reached that limit.I wanted to share some pictures of a "place" in my house i visit multiple times a day ( and yes i wash my hands afterwards:) It's a place that i can lock and be alone with my thoughts, without being disturbed. So i personally think that this "place" should not be neglected and styled properly.This is what i did to make every visit worthwile :0

I framed some pictures of the Kennedy family and a roadmap of the island  Martha's Vineyard. I spent a whole summer there when i was much younger,  and have very fond memories of it. It makes me smile everyday i see it. The thriftwood was given to me by my mother, she bought it in South Africa. Then of course to make my "place" smell good there is the Marseille soap....


I brought it back from our last trip to the Provence and besides the smell of the soap, ilove the pastel colors. There is also an old horseshoe ( huge size) wich i found at a thrift store in the South of Sweden and some advice to other visitors of my "place" to keep it clean and tidy. You see, my "place" is an everyday trip down  memory lane. What brings you down "memory lane" ?

Have a happy day.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ilove....H&M home

I'm sure i will not be the only one who makes a post  about the latest campaign of H&M home. But for those of you who cannot buy it in their country take a good  look...

This simple white linnen bag.

Girly,girly pillow.

Who would't want to dry the dishes with this teatowel.

Or sleep under these covers. ( they have the finest cotton quality)

How about these romantic curtains.

Got to have this towell.

Their campaign is called "Fall in love with"   I just did.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi there, on this happy sunday i wanted to share some pictures of things in my house again.

These beautiful peonies  my son Nick gave me before he left for Greece on a holiday.  He's at university in Amsterdam and very busy ( not always with studying, mind you) so i don't get to see him as much as i would love to. I am not a nagging mother , i just cherish the moments when he does find time to come and see us :)   ilovehim.

On this cabinet there is a sculpture i got from my parents when Nick was little. It's represents him as a happy little boy on his tricycle. Next to the cabinet a lamp made out of broken glass handmade by an artist in Amsterdam.

On this small cabinet a Swedish figurine i got from a Swedish customer once. I forgot what she stands for, but when i light the candles in front of her at night, she looks so lovely, like an angel.

Inside the cabinet is a tea set i got for Mother's day when we were in Singapore, i only use it on special occasions to afraid to break it. Behind it is an old Dutch tile we found in the ground when we were renovating our house. It dates back from 1780 and was still completely  intact.

 ilove, love seashells. Here is a small collection. Although i am not a very religious person the small antique English bible means a lot to me. Next to it a picture of me in my weddingdress after drinking too much Champagne.

And last but not least, my latest project this sofa. I bought it at a fleamarket and chose these two fabrics for a new upholster. I am not totally satisfied yet but it's getting there. And for those of you have been following me longer. Yeah! It's still here, the painting!   

Have a happy, happy Sunday!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Check out this hotel in Brussels, Belgium called BLOOM. This picture got me interested.

Belgium is a great country, with lovely people and fine food so enough reasons to go there.
(And i am not being paid for promoting this)

Some more pictures of  BLOOM


Breakfast room.

Lobby. I've been wanting to buy this bubble chair by Aarnio forever. It's just too expensive but oh how comfortable and beautiful. A perfect place to dream away.

They have different fresco's in all their rooms. Made by different artists.

This is the childfriendly room. So cute.

To finish it of they have this great restaurant called SMOODS with a deejay on Friday and Saturday!

And the rates of the hotel aren't too bad either. I am going to book a room SOON.


Monday, July 12, 2010

ilove....good losers

In fact everybody loves good losers, provided it's the other team. Oh God, what a night :(

No comment....

Thanks for all the support girls.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


First of all THANK YOU for cheering for our Dutch soccer team. We made it to the final :-)
Let's just wait what hubby will do with all the bunting he still has.( i want no part of it, seriously)
Here the weather is fantasic and with that i always think about one of my favorite colors turqoise. I think this color represents Summer .

 I saw this house for sale in London. I would be too chicken to paint my house like this. But oh, iloveit.The combination with gold is so beautiful.

I'm a real coward when it comes to colors. This is the most i would dare for our house.Turqoise, white, sand and a touch of pale pink. 

LOve this pale turqoise union jack pillow i found on Etsy by  Helkatdesign

But hé, let's stick to turqoise and Summer, how about this outdoor kitchen i saw on  Lille Lykke's blog.

And these turqoise vases make the difference in this  lovely tablesetting.

I think i just start with painting my toenails :D (told you i am chicken)

Have a happy,happy Summer.


Monday, July 5, 2010


Actually i don't like Orange to be honest. But with the Dutch soccer team reaching the semi final :D at the South African World Soccer games you cannot escape this color in Holland. Orange is the color of our soccer team dating back from the Royal House of Orange. I'm living with a man who is a real soccer fan (and i became one during this tournament) so this is what he did to our house.

   And this...

Orange flags everywhere. He bought 250 meters of these flags in total but i stopped him here. When they reach the final we can re-negotiate. Here are some examples of Orange i could like in our calm :) white house.

Some flowers and an Orange bowl..

This collection of  Creuset in Orange..lovethese pans

This funny handmade pillow, found it here on Etsy

The hints of Orange in these drinks, with a dash of alcohol please to calm my nerves during the game...

Below is my favorite Orange drink during the game. Made with Aperol, an Italian digestive liquor and Prosecco.Here is the recipe, try it you will like it.

So our team is playing against Uruguay tommorow night. Al you guys who are out of the tournament can you please cheer for Holland? I would love to see hubby hang the rest of his 250 meters of Orange flags.


p.s. i put this post on the Much love Monday page of Much love. A blogilove. 


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