Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i'm back

Home sweet home. I just got back from a fantastic trip. First of all, thanks for all the nice comments i received and everyone wishing us a good vacation. Now it's time  to share some pictures i took along the way.
After travelling through Germany and Switserland (we slept in Germany) we ended up in Italy.

This great house stood on a hill overlooking the Mediteranian sea.Villa Azzura (the blue villa).

We spend the night in a small village near a monastery.And with the monastery there are these booths were you can buy all kinds of "kitschy"religious items which ilove.

Seeing Pinocchio makes you miss you kids ( although i don't think my eleven year old would still want to take a ride)

Because of the weather we decided not to take the ferry to Corsica and travelled on through Monaco towards the Cote d'Azur. We made a quick stop in Monaco and saw a bit of the Formule 1 training day.
So we ended up in a small village in "la douce France" in the hills behind Cannes.
The colours of the South of France are so fantastic.

Blue and terracotta.


Can you imagine my excitement when i found out that ther was a big flea market in the village that morning? I'll show you the stuff i bought there later.
These are the cutest sweets i ever saw for when you get married or a child is born.

Then we travelled on towards St.Tropez and Port Grimaud. Stayed there and...

Laid on the beach to soak up some sun in the morning....

Did some sightseeing.....

And some more..

Visited quite a few Chateaus to buy a lot of bottles of RosĂ©, (tasted them first of course) :)

Enjoyed some fine dining with the magnificent French Cuisine. 
After that we drove back home and found our children (and my parents) in great shape and did not get the impression that they missed us as much as we missed them ;). Sowe might go again next year!
So it's back to work today and i'll try and read a lot of posts i missed from you my dears. XX 
(Sorry this post is so long, i have many more pictures and it was hard to make a selection.)


  1. All looks gorgeous, I'm so pleased you had a lovely time. we missed you! xx

  2. Stunning colors in those pics! Looks like the most fabulous trip, I'm so happy you had fun, and can't wait to see more! Glad you're back, we missed you! Xo!

  3. Welcome home friend! It's so nice to be away but always so good to get home into one's own bed isn't it? Your photos are gorgeous! So many beautiful things and places you saw. Love the shutters on that house and I adore your "Hello Kitty" beach towel! :)

    Have a Happy Day!
    xo Catherine

  4. That is so refreshing! I love all your pictures & hearing about your trip...the only problem is that now I am completely jealous!

  5. You just did sooo good to stop in Provence and Cote d'azur. It's an amazing place, I like your photos. They make me dream about my retour in those places. Hope you enjoyed it and also Italy....

    Hugs, Zaira

  6. Hello My darling, welcome back!!!! I was hoping to see some of your beautiful pictures and here they are, truly lovely ! It looks like it was an amazing vacation, you saw such gorgeous places, I'm a bit jealous ;-)
    If you want to share some more photos I'd definitely wouldn't mind!
    xx have a nice evening
    P.S. thanks for your comment of today, you're the sweetest ever!

  7. welcome back! sounds like you had a blast :)
    can't wait to see your flea market finds

  8. wow, these photos are wonderful! it looks as if you took a trip to wonderland :)

  9. aaaah, what a vacation you had! thanks for sharing these pics. it's nice to see the sun. :)

    welcome back,

  10. ooh, ooh, ooh! Can't wait till I have more time to spend looking at these great pictures. I'll be on a vacation just studying them! Wow.
    Glad you're back though. I have left my latest post up for the time you have been gone so you could see it and maybe help me shed some light on it. Take a peek.
    What a lucky duck you are! xxoo

  11. Ok so who's was the Hello Kitty towel?
    Glad you had a fab time, great snaps.
    I thought you were going to Corsica, only said that because I "REALLY" would like to go there myself..x

  12. Welcome home!
    Thankyou for such lovely photos; with a glass of Rose in my hand (in your honour!) I now feel like I've been to these places too.
    The colours, in the sunlight, are just divine.
    Really looking forward to seeing the fleamarket finds :))))

  13. Your trip must have been amazing, b/c your photos are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Beautiful trip! You are making me want to go visit all those places! Thanks for sharing, glad you had a great time!

  15. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time, loving your pictures. All so sunny and colourful. :)
    The kids never miss us as much as we miss them eh?



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