Sunday, May 30, 2010

ilove colors...

Sometimes ilovecolors. Most of the time i'm all for basics,white and maybe some pastels. When travelling through Germany i came across this shop called Butlers. You should really take a look at their web site, they have tons of great stuff. (this is not  sponsored or anything)

In the shop i saw a lot of colorful garden tablesettings which i wanted to share with you. Today in  Holland it's a gloomy, rainy sunday so these pictures made me dream about garden parties on a hot summernight :)

Love the pink cake in the back.

Look at these mini jam jars, so cute.

Exotic pink and blue, with a bamboo curtain.

Have you ever seen these guys wearing scuba gear?

Love the fish shaped plates.

Oh, heart shaped tin boxes.

My favorite, pink and white.Look at all these cute coloured buckets in the back. Because we just started our trip i did not buy anything but i'll be back!


  1. Off to check out their website right now. I'm not sure if I hope they ship to the UK or not as I'm not sure my pennies will stretch as far as I want them to :)

  2. Het op een na laatste plaatje is mijn favoriet! Je blog is erg leuk, mooi foto's van je mooie woonkamer in je side bar!
    Een leuke avond en nieuwe week. xx

  3. I can't decide which setting I like the it the fish...or the heart shaped boxes...or maybe the pink and white!

    We ate out in the garden last week- I wore my thick Puffa jacket and woolly socks it was so cold, but I was determined to do it.
    After we had finished eating and were finishing the bottle of wine, Ted said (through chattering teeth) do you think we could go inside now...PLEASE!!

    Hope the sun shines brightly for you tomorrow

  4. Oh Butlers, I love this shop, too! My favourite blanket is from there, it's made of fleece and purple with colourful nesting dolls on it :)
    Oh by the way, these cute little jam jars are available in normal size in the supermarkets here in germany, the brand is called Bon Maman :)

  5. I love colour! I agree with you, I like the last setting the most, although all your photo's are pretty. Hope the Sun shines again soon...makes all the difference, doesn't it.

  6. Oh, so pretty and colorful! Love it! It's raining here, today, too! My cousin just moved to Germany I will tell him to check this out, he would actually probably appreciate it!

  7. There are some super goodies there, must check out that website!

  8. What an amazing store! You took cute pics too! My only worry is that I would spend ALL my money there if I had one too close :) When you do go back make sure you share what you bought! I was peeking at the shevles in the!!!!

  9. Hello darling!
    This shop is pastel heaven isn't it? I love every picture but most of all I'm in love with nr. 3 and the last one. Someone will please restrain me from heading over to their website right now!!
    Hugs from me
    xx Flaviana

  10. nice table would be very...very dangerous for me to walk into that store :)



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