Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i love.....vacation

Tomorrow i will leave on a short vacation with the man ilove. Easily ;) leaving behind our children in the capable hands of their grandparents (thanks so much mum and dad!). This year we decided to .......

Pack our suitcase...
(ok this would be mine)
Travel through Germany (no speedlimits there, iloveit)

And the beautiful Switserland 

Make a stop in my beloved Italy and spend one night there ( and eat a lovely pasta)

Take this ferry from Livorno to ...

One of the most beautiful islands i know Corsica

Gonna miss you all my, dear blogfriends but i will be back in 10 days....XX


  1. Geniet ervan.......
    dat hebben we allemaal weleens nodig "RUST"
    Fijne vakantie gewenst

  2. Enjoy your holiday Linda! Leave the cold stupid weather here and go south! :-)

    Have fun!


  3. How Wonderful!
    Have an amazing trip.
    I can't wait to see photo's

    Fritzi Marie

  4. Have an amazing time! Iloveyoursuitcase!!! K x

  5. Have just got back from 2 weeks in USA and agree with your vacationlove, but have to confess that with longhaul travel. . .ihatejetlag :(
    Enjoy your trip, enjoy the pasta, the fast driving, the beautiful scenery- and that man!

  6. Hello, I have just found your blog thanks to Flaviana's "La maison des lilas".
    Have a nice holiday then...I will be reading oll of your older posts while you're away.

  7. You lucky lucky girl! A wonderful romantic trip with the love of your life ~ and no kids! Good for you! I hope you have the best, most wonderful time! I look forward to some beautiful photos when you return!

    Take care,
    xo Catherine

  8. Sounds just heavenly!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  9. Sounds really lovely, and exciting. Have fun!

  10. my darling
    you've got some exciting plans!! I'm so happy for you.. and very curious!! I hope you'll show us some pics of this fabulous trip? Pleaseeee
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves!

  11. Oh that sounds like the most wonderful trip! Hope you both enjoy yourselves tremendously, we will miss you but we will see you when you get back! Enjoy! XO!

  12. that sounds awesome!!! I'm so envious and happy for you at the same time...... :)

  13. how exciting! i'm so happy for you. :) relax and enjoy. i look forward to hearing about your many adventures when you return. :D

  14. You are a lucky duck! You are gonna take in lots of cool stuff during those 10 days! That's what is so cool about Europe..lots of different countries and cultures and food very near! Can't wait to see your pics and read your adventures! xx Have fun Dutch Girl

  15. My dear, thank you so much for your visit on my blog and your kind message you left me. Too bad I didn't catch you in time, because now you are far away in your trip! Your blog is beautiful, happy, delicate, inspiring! Just the way I like! I am becoming your follower right now. Take care, enjoy your vacation and don't forget to share some photos with us.

  16. That sounds like the perfect plan! Have a beautiful time!!

  17. Sounds like THE best time! Take lots of photos to share when you return, and bon voyage!

  18. Wow, this sounds wonderful! I wish you a great time! :)

    Oh and concerning no speedlimit in Germany: you need to keep enough space between your car and the car in front of you, our German police is really mad about catching people who like to tailgate ;)

    Please send over some sun from Italy :)

  19. I will miss you too darling. Have a marvellous time and a safe trip.

    Love & Higs

  20. sounds WONDEFUL! I'm hoping to run away for a bit with my hubby this summer. have a wonderful trip. lovely blog. :)
    nicole visiting from

  21. I hope you are having a wonderful trip and I look forward to hearing about it when you are back, xv.

  22. Sounds AMAZING!!!! I hope you have the best time!!!

  23. What a wonderful thing to do! And sometimes it's so important just to be the two of you! I hope you have a wonderful time!! Beautiful post!

    kristin xxx

  24. Can I come?
    Corsica looks beautiful..x

  25. Sound wonderful! Have a very good holiday and journey, enjoy!! :-)



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