Thursday, May 6, 2010


First of all i have to say sorry to all you out there that have always been a fan of yellow. Because for years and years and could not stand the color yellow.I might have said something about it that wasn't very nice. But when i saw the cover of H&M and of the Dutch magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur i became obsessed. It's not only the yellow, it's the new role it plays in a combination with  pink and white. I could not get it out of my mind anymore. Let's see if you share my excitement.


This is what got me started.This yellow lamp, take it  away and the image is boring.Love the wall and the dash of pink. These guys know what they are doing at H&M.  Maybe it's  a little bit too industrial for me but oh! the yellow!

Than i saw this which made me almost go to our local paintshop.( i don't think hubby would have liked it though). I think those boots are Hunters which i've worn all winter.You can also buy them in yellow, but í should keep my head cool. 

This bracelett from Prettyboutique took my breath away, so cute.Keep calm and carry on:)

Ok, i will probably never wear this dress, but the colors!

I would not mind having breakfast at this table.

Soo simple, but sooo nice. I went to the florist but she did not have yellow flowers. Will start my hunt again tomorrow.If i can sleep : D

And did i not tell you before? Old people are cool and yellow is back big time!


  1. I have a yellow kitchen and bathroom- I love the colour for walls (our house is so dark) but never wear it as it seems to turn me yellow too!
    Mind you- if it looks good with pink...:))

  2. Wow I'm Cool!!!. And I have only just started liking yellow again too!

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my photo blog. Glad you enjoyed the pictures of Tulip time in Holland Michigan. The tulip festival takes place there, because many of the people in the area have Dutch heritage, and the festival celebrates that.
    I was never a big fan of yellow either, but am finding myself liking it more.

  4. ik hou van geel ook wel......met zwaart is behaaglijk!!

  5. I love yellow too, it's an instant mood booster. Afternoon tea with some mini desserts would be lovely at that table! Glad you like the lentil soup. I really appreciate how frequently you visit my blog and posts your thoughts. I love reading your comments.
    Best wishes,

  6. I love Yellow, my hallway is bright yellow and now I am looking to decorate the kitchen in a lemon yellow...Love those doors in your picture

  7. Hoi wat een leuk warm blog heb je!!!
    Ga even wat posten lezen en wens je alvast een fijn weekend,
    Groetjes Madelon

  8. Love Yellow- It has been my favorite color since I can remember- I think it is because it is such a happy color-

    Anyway- Great blog- I am so happy I found you/it- Lovely to meet you-



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