Tuesday, April 6, 2010

old people are cool

Although i'm (only) in my forties i hope when i grow up (if ever) i become a well-dressed, sweet (sometimes not so) old lady some day. I think old people can be really cool! (and a little annoying sometimes)     


So well dressed

The movie "UP" made me cry because the main character is sooo cool

LOVE the glasses

ÜBER  cool  Karl Lagerfeld

(Necklace of "old is cool"can be found at Kabiri, should you be interested)


  1. I like your thoughts here! As I am in my 40's as well, when I think about getting older ~ MUCH older ~ I still want to be well dressed and always have my hair done and my face done! I think taking care of yourself makes you feel good about yourself ~ no matter your age! :)

  2. Linda, have you checked out 'the Satorialist' blog? He likes to photograph people and there are quite often cool old people between them. Maybe to get some inspiration ;)

    x Maaike

  3. @100%hallal, thanks for the tip.I'll check it out.And cupcakes?All Gonne! xx



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