Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy birthday to my mother :)

This is my mum, with my brother and me, back in the seventies. My mother is a woman with great taste and a perfect eye for beautiful things. Here's a small selection of things i know she loves.

Bedding. Oh my god! You should see her closet, it's full of the most wonderful sheets and bedding.All perfectly ironed. We call her the queen of beds. Stay at her house and your bed is always perfectly soft and colour coordinated.

Barcelona, Spain. Her favorite city. Back in the days she went on a lot of business trips to Barcelona, and enjoyed being there on her own .Happily leaving her family in Holland behind, well done mum! You deserved it!

Magazines, leafing thrue magazines is her favorite passtime ( and mine)

Fashion is another passion of her. My mum built her own fashion labell, from scratch, and was very succesfull.This is an outfit she would love to wear.

And last, but not least. South Africa. A country she loves. Every year she and my father go there for at least 6 weeks.Saying they will miss us, but i'm not quite sure :)) She can go on and on about how she feels at home there and how beautiful it is.Again something you deserve mum, and hope you will enjoy for a lot of years to come.

Happy birthday mum, you are the best! XX      


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! Hope she has a beautiful day!

    xo Catherine

  2. Please pass on my good wishes for a happy birthday. Hope she has had a great day.

  3. Awww, Happy Birthday, Mum! She clearly has fabulous taste, and deserves the most lovely day!

  4. G_E_F_E_L_I_C_I_T_E_E_R_D_

    met je lieve moeder :))))

    (ik ben nog net op tijd, ik hoop dat jullie een leuke dag hebben gehad !!!)

  5. What a coincidence! Your mother's birthday is the day before my daughter's birthday! I knew we had a lot in common. Your mother is beautiful! I love birthdays...especially Taurus birthdays...I'll have one soon, too!

  6. What a lovely post - and what a stylish mother - Wishing her a very happy birthday -


  7. Happy Birthday to your MOM!!!

  8. I had the funniest feeling that your mother's birthday was the same as my Regan's. Don't know why I had that feeling but while I was writing my comment last nite it just came to me. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Kim xx00
    Thanks for all the sweet things you write...I always look so forward to your comments on my blog. Makes me Happy! Like A Birthday!

  9. I hope your Mum has a beautiful and very happy Birthday! Please send her my very best wishes.

    Best wishes to you too and thank you for posting such a lovely tribute to your sweet and stylish Mum.

  10. Awww, and thank you for adding my button! I am very flattered! Have a beautiful day!

  11. who is that handsome young man sitting next to your mother ?



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