Wednesday, April 21, 2010

reviving and recycling

Plastics, paper and a lot of empty winebottles. Of course i recycle and "schlepp" everything weekly to our local recycle centre.When Frédérique Morrel found a hand embroidered painting from her deceased Grand Mére she decided to recycle it. Actually she calls it decycling because for her it's not about the recycling but about saving the tapisserie and giving it a second life. Here's what she created.

Footstool and cushions

Sofa, these are pictures of her beautiful appartement in Paris.

Now i know what to do when you see these embroidered paintings in thriftstores :)

The Beirut based design duo Bokja have a love for ancient textiles and tapestries. This is their latest creation for the Milano  fair.

The dutch king of recycling is Piet Hein Eek who for years made beautiful things out of demolished wood.His latest recycling project is a collection of vintage glass with which he created stunning chandeliers.


  1. I wish I could recycle like this! All of those "creations" are simply stunning!
    oh.. and by the way, I adore the floorboard in the first pic! Lovely

  2. I looked REALLY hard in the recycling bins this morning, but all I found were plastic bottles and beer cans. . .:(

    You always post such beautuful pics, thankyou! xx

  3. Oh wow! These are wonderful! I love that footstool and the throw pillows! My momma made a quilt out of recycled fabric pieces. Hope your having a wonderful day! So glad we crossed paths! xoxo

  4. I am always amazed at how creative some people can be in turning other people's 'junk' into works of art. Those chandeliers are so beautiful! That car...ummm...not so much! :)

    I agree with your comment on my blog ~ opposites attract ~ I think we would make wonderful friends!

    Have a wonderful day friend!
    xo Catherine

  5. I love all those creations too! It's the best when we can take objects and create something stunning with them!

  6. thanks for your comment at 100LC friend - that is the ultimate comment, hehe ;) thanks for making my day! xo.

  7. Very beautiful. And made with passion! Passion for recykling! I love this sort of creativity.

  8. What lovely inspiring photo's. Love the stools!

  9. Can you imagine seeing that car driving down the street :)

    But really the couches are SUPER cool! What an awesome touch of style!

    And I am instantly in LOVE with those Chandeliers!!! How cool!

  10. your blog is absolutely adorable. im loving it, the photos are fantastic.


  11. Love it!

    I really think there should be more of this in the world. It is VERY important to use things over and over again and then to make them into something else. It is something I am very passionate about.

  12. I love how creative and wonderful theses recycled creations are!

  13. OMG, that apartment is to die for. Love it so much, and yes, love the idea of "decycling!"

  14. hello! thank you SO much for sharing this, wonderful to wacth!! :-) Many great ideas. Thank you also for your comment, you're very welcome to follow. Have a beuautiful day!
    All the best,



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