Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i heart hearts

For those of you who've been following my blog ( and many thanks for that by the way) you might have noticed that ilovehearts. Hearts make me happy, hearts make me smile. When in a boring meeting i doodle hearts. My company logo had to be with a heart.I can go on and on about hearts. A new trend here in Holland,  is to say "i heart it", instead of saying "i love it". So here's what i heart!

This is the ring my husband gave me when our youngest daughter was born, heart it sooo much ( as i heart my husband) 

Hand knitted hearts, heart it.

Heart shaped macarons, heart it.

Heart shaped photowall, heart it.

Should have worn this dress at my wedding,heart it.

I drank a coffee like that in Italy, heart it ( as i heart Italy)

 If i were single i would park my car here, heart it 


Receive a heart letter? In here please, heart it.

Heart, heart, heart this.xx ( what do you heart?)


  1. Oh what a wonderful post! I heart hearts too! That wedding dress was something wasn't it? And the heart photo display and the macaroons...I could go on! Lovely! Karen x

  2. I heart them too! You find the most amazing pictures.. love nr. 2!!
    Have a good day
    xx Flaviana

  3. Although I didn't think I would, I heart blogging!

  4. i think you might like Much Love, by Anna:

    then, there's her much love monday project, a heart-central post:

    thanks for visiting my site and for your sweet comment. :)

  5. So many lovely hearts!

    I 'heart' you and your blog and am so glad I found you! :) You make me smile!

    xo Catherine

  6. I have always doodled daisies..ever since I was a little girl. I drew them on my dresser and around the window frames in my bedroom. My mom didn't mind...she encouraged can always paint over it she said. I heart that attitude she had. I heart your heart post and your blog.! Thanks for all the sweet comments you make on my blog..makes it worth while to spend so much time on it. Kim xo

  7. I <3 hearts too. And I most definately <3 your blog. I would love to see your ear trick, maybe we could teach each other our ear/tongue tricks and that would keep all kids around us quiet for hours and hours LOL

  8. I also love hearts and have heard this recent trend of saying 'I heart it' but I still prefer I love, I'm an old fashioned girl and I love your blog!

  9. You can't beat a heart shape..x

  10. ah. . .spooky thing is that I had a blog ready to post about words printed on things, and pics of all the quirky printed signs I have on the wall of one room, but after your last post went live, I thought I should POSTpone it for a while!
    ps sorry about Harry

  11. What a great post! Love your ring, love the heart shaped macarons( maybe Laduree should adapt that idea ), love the parking for dating. Happy Saturday!! xo's Kristin



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