Saturday, April 17, 2010

just some things that make me smile

I have some things in my house which make me smile each time i see them.

This is a cookie factory which i used a lot to bake cookies with my children. When you open it you see this..

Everything you need to bake cookies (apart from the ingredients), the cookie cutters are so cute.My favourite is the pig. I think back at the little hands of my children preparing cookie dough and pressing the cookie cutters ( they always stuck to the cutter, by the way).Smile.

This lady i bought in Florida a long time ago, she was together with..

This man. They are a couple. When you press their chests  they say things like:

He:  Let's go to bed and talk all night..
She: I don't mind taking the trash out, i could use the excersise..
He:  Darling take just enough time to get ready, i don't mind waiting
She:  You don't need a glass, just go ahead and drink right out of the carton...

I know it's stupid and stereotype but when i press these chests and they talk... Smile

This is a diary i bought recently from Nothing Elegant. It has all kinds of cute drawings of this girl.
I bought it together with this stamp.

Each time i open the diary or use the stamp.Smile....:)


  1. So many cute things ~ lots of smiles for sure. Love the little cookie factory ~ that makes me smile! :) The husband and wife dolls are too funny!

    xo Catherine

  2. I smiled at every one of these cute pics. I have never seen a cookie factory cute. Those dolls are the perfect man and wife~don't you wish we all said wonderful things like that..and meant it! hahhaha Smile!

  3. love the badge that the man is wearing. . .should be my personal motto!

    We went to Florida last year and although I wasn't sure what to expect, I really kinda enjoyed it

  4. Love the cookie factory, what a great idea!
    SMILE !!

  5. The cookie factory looks great fun. Bet they taste delicious!

  6. 1. that's the cutest cookie kit i've ever seen.
    2. i've been coveting that very diary from nothing elegant!!

  7. These so tell me about your fun personality! I knew I liked you :) That cookie box is sooo cool!

  8. I love the cookie factory....I want one! And the stamp - amazing!
    I'm inspired to look at things in my house this way now! x

  9. Love the little cookie factory! It reminds me of my Easy Bake days, no cake has ever tasted as good as those miniature ones I made at age 8 (well, that might not necessarily be true, but fond memories nonetheless!). Lovely blog, I'm a new follower!

  10. That cookie kit is sooo cute!! I love it and need to find anything like it!!



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