Saturday, April 24, 2010

I used to think creative people sat behind a desk and just thought up new wonderful things. I can't do that so i considered myself not a creative person. After working in the fashion industry for many years and working with many so called " ├╝ber creative" people i saw that everyone got their inspiration from somewhere and that's how it works :). It's not stealing, it's getting inspired. So when i saw this.....

And this...

And this....

And this....

I did this...

I bought the bottles at the thriftstore, about 50 cents each, and just made sure that the type of glass was the same. Than i bought some different flowers for about 5 euro.It made me happy and creative.

Later i saw this....

It's a workshop from Design Sponge about  wild flowers, even more inspiration.


  1. I Like what you have done using the bottles better than the photo from Design Sponge.
    I like the simplistic way you have displayed them and the use of one colour that always looks stylish in my eyes.
    Hope this finds you well and enjoying a lovely weekend...x

  2. Very creative indeed ~ such a lovely display! So sorry you have to work on Sunday! :( Hopefully you will have a super great day today which will make up for it! :)

    Have the lovelyest day!
    xo Catherine

  3. like Emma, I think that your display is much MUCH nicer than the Design Sponge photo.

    Do I spy the Beautiful Painting in the background? How much more time do you have left to keep it? When it goes back, will you just leave the hanger in the wall as a sad reminder of it's absence? I'm missing it already!

  4. How wonderful! I love these! I so want to go thrift store now and find some fabulous glass! You inspired me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  5. What a lovely collection of thriftstore bottles. So creative.

  6. You have recreated the look your way and it works beautifully! Well done.

  7. Het is allemaal prachtig
    ziet er erg gezellig uit :)))
    Leuk om ff nederlands in te tikken !!

    Fijne zondag
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :))

  8. Gorgeous! Love the rustic look of the wildflowers in Mason jars!

  9. I like your display much better than all the others (Now I read above and many thought the same thing)
    You are clever.. my boyfriend should have sung "She believes in me" when he saw me and Kenny! hahaha that was really clever! Glad you liked the story!

  10. Super cute! You know....I love your house too :)

    LOVE the whites! So clean looking! Maybe that is what I need white flowers & maybe everything will look a little cleaner :)

  11. Your arrangement with the different bottles and flowers is absolutely it, xv.

  12. oh wow I love bottles too, in fact I just did a blog post about it (again lol!) gorgeous with the flowers!

  13. These are just stunning. I have awarded you a sunshine award - specially after I read your comment on Winniebriggs blog! :) love Gabriella



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