Friday, April 9, 2010


Because i do my posts in English i have a lot of followers from outside of Holland. So i wanted to share some things my country Holland is known for.Let's focus on the positive ones ;) shall we ?

I got this from my mum, she just visted a famous fishing village called Volendam and bought this for me.Cute!

Then of course the windmills, i like this white one (can't figure out why?) 

Wooden shoes, but let's stay elegant and buy these of Viktor&Rolf  

And last but not least Tulips, if you're ever in Holland in Spring make sure to visit the most beautiful flower exhibit the Keukenhof and me.


  1. What a fun post! I am coming!!!! :) No I wish I could travel to Holland, but I think it will be many many years until I leave the country...someday!!! I have NEVER seen such cute wooden shoes in my life!!! Those are adorable! I lovethe blue & white one! I also LOVE the little kissing boy & girl. Lately I have been looking for cute salt & peeper shakers like that at antique shows. None as cute as those yet! And the TULIPS!!! Gorgeous! I imagine life in Holland is quite wonderful! Tthanks for sharing it with us!

  2. You make me want to go right now! I love to travel and see new places! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What is there not to like!. Don't think I could manage in the shoes though beautiful as they are!

  4. That field of tulips is heavenly! ~le sigh~ I must go purchase some to brighten up my home.

  5. You know I love that's why most of my posts are stories. I ran into someone one day that loved stories to and she and I both agreed we hope there is lots of storytelling in heaven when we get there...provided we get there.Hahaha. I love that Native American sound too..I have left it on there because I love listening to it so almost makes me cry. I tried to put the cello music on for Adam Hurst and the Volcano post but couldn't get it to work. Go to his will like it too.
    Tulips are my favorite flower and mine have already bloomed so I guess I won't have any on my breakfast tray from my yard on my birthday in May. My daughter is marrying a man from Holland in July! My~don't we have a connection! Kimxx



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