Friday, December 24, 2010

ilove.....this song

My favorite song this Christmas.....

Maria Mena....home for Christmas   thank God i am  :)

Merry Christmas everybody.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ilove....this church

ilove to visit beautiful churches.
This is a church in the south of Holland with beautiful frescos in pastel colors wouldn't it be lovely to go here on a snowy Christmas eve? ( or get married in Summer.....wish i could do it all over when i see this....with my own husband of course :)))

   I'm a little stressed... we have our family Christmas dinner ( 19 people) in our house. Still have to gather everything for the tablesetting ( doing pastels)  and think about what i will make for a starter.....oh my God. How are you coping my dears?

Let's not forget to ENJOY


Friday, December 17, 2010 dad

It's my dad's birthday today....and it's no secret...its the big 70 for him (you don't look the part though:))

Here are some of the things he loves....


My dad has been a glider pilot ( as a hobby) for many years. He decided to quit 2 years ago but had his share of fun. My dad is very "cool " in a sense that he is hardly ever stressed but hubby almost wet his pants when he took a flight with him, thinking that he was TOO cool that time.


He loves to drink a  glass of wine. (doesn't say no to a good whiskey too).  So as soon as it's five
 o 'clock somewhere  he opens a bottle and enjoys a good glass with my mother.


Here's something i don't love about him. But there is no way he would even THINK about stop smoking.
He has to smoke outside nowadays.... but Jil loves to keep him company so she can talk for hours about horses ( my father is a great listener). I do pray that she never starts smoking.
Now let's quickly drop this subject because he gets irritated when we discuss it...

Computers and gadgets.....

 Computer, mini laptop, multi media phone (yes he Pings) camera's, tv's .... you name it he wants it.Thanks to his son in law he stays updated and i must say he does well for a 70 year old man...

So Dad for your 70 th birthday the family will give you your new passion.... an iPad
But PLEASE  promiss you don't forget mum!

Happy Birthday Dad, you are the best.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ilove......giveaways part 2

I put all the names who entered my giveaway in this bowl....

Let Jil take out one ...... (please don't look at her chipped fingernails, she's always busy with her pony nowadays)

And the winner is........

Nina from " Temps perdu" in Finland.

Well deserved Nina, i will do my best to send it before Christmas.

To be honest, i would have liked to give you all if i win the lottery this year you might get lucky :))

                                         Have a happy, happy Thursday.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

ilove....Christmas and a giveaway at last.

Long time, no see...... (stay with me there is a giveaway in this post)
Been a bit busy with Christmas preparations. iloveit and ihateit. Schlepping things from the atic, hanging lamps in the Christmas tree, not my favorite passtime. But happy when sitting in my house and looking at the end result.
Normally i do the same tree every year. Mainly because of the children, they love to see every old Christmas ornament back. But this year i did something different. A pastel Christmas tree.ilovepastels

Bought a lot of the Christmas things at the thriftstore.

We also decorated the house. (thanks hubby for the technical support, and the patience :))

Picture is not the best, but i had to go outside with minus 7 in a small snowstorm
 ( we Dutch are not so used to extreme winters). We made the Christmas wreath ourselves.
And because i wanted the children to see the traditional Christmas ornaments i made this in the kitchen.

I  decided to do a give away at last... I wanted to give away these two handpainted Dutch Christmas ornaments.Here are the rules.....

Place a comment and be(come) a follower, be happy!

Wednesday the give away ends so i can ship them in time for Christmas.

And in the mean time have a happy-jolly Sunday 


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