Sunday, December 12, 2010

ilove....Christmas and a giveaway at last.

Long time, no see...... (stay with me there is a giveaway in this post)
Been a bit busy with Christmas preparations. iloveit and ihateit. Schlepping things from the atic, hanging lamps in the Christmas tree, not my favorite passtime. But happy when sitting in my house and looking at the end result.
Normally i do the same tree every year. Mainly because of the children, they love to see every old Christmas ornament back. But this year i did something different. A pastel Christmas tree.ilovepastels

Bought a lot of the Christmas things at the thriftstore.

We also decorated the house. (thanks hubby for the technical support, and the patience :))

Picture is not the best, but i had to go outside with minus 7 in a small snowstorm
 ( we Dutch are not so used to extreme winters). We made the Christmas wreath ourselves.
And because i wanted the children to see the traditional Christmas ornaments i made this in the kitchen.

I  decided to do a give away at last... I wanted to give away these two handpainted Dutch Christmas ornaments.Here are the rules.....

Place a comment and be(come) a follower, be happy!

Wednesday the give away ends so i can ship them in time for Christmas.

And in the mean time have a happy-jolly Sunday 


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  1. Aw I love your pastel Christmas tree! It looks so lovely with your pretty interior in the background. And the tree with your traditional ornaments is such a cute idea! What a wonderful Mum you are, your kids must be so happy :)

    By the way I always love how small the Dutch houses look from the outside, as if they were only holiday houses. And everytime you enter such a house you see how much space there is inside :)

    Count me in for your lovely little giveaway!
    I'll promise I'll be happy today ;)

  2. Your pastel Christmas decorations are so pretty! There's always so many cute things that can be found at the thrift store. I love the Christmas tree you made for displaying the old decorations ~ very cute idea!

    Your give-a-way Christmas decorations are fantastic ~ please count me in ~ as long as you don't mind shipping to Canada! ;)

    Hope you are keeping cozy and warm my friend!
    xo Catherine

  3. So beautiful and so cosy!
    I would love to participate in your giveaway!

  4. I sooo understand the love hate thing :) & your tree turned out gorgeous!!! I think I need to move in with you I just LOVE YOUR HOUSE too! Don't worry, I wouldn't move the boys in ;) & the tree in the kitchen...sooooo cute! What a genius idea! I loved looking at all those ornaments too! & the dutch ones you are offering for your giveaway..what a special idea! You know I am in...& as long as I am not pulling my hair out at the second running around after the kids...then I even qualify for th BE HAPPY too! ;)

    Thanks for the tip on the card too! I might need it! I am getting stressed out as time flies by & i still haven't come up with an idea! Well off to thekids 2nd Christmas program tghis morning :) Should be a wonderful morning!

  5. the tree is lovely and i too ache to have something a little different but we will undoubtedly bring out all the decorations from the years and the memories that come with them.....the house looks fantastic in the snow, well done you for the effort in taking the picture in such conditions....

  6. This pastel decorations are beautiful. I'm a new follower of your blog, and I think its great!
    please count me in this wonderful give a way.

  7. Your house is so beautiful! All the decorations on the tree look gorgeous! I might go for a pastel theme next year. I love your blog and would love to be in with a chance with your lovely giveaway!

    Thanks (and Merry Christmas),

    Laura-Jane. xxxx

  8. Your tree is lovely and photographing your house outside gave me the idea to do the same. Your home is so inviting and pretty. Love the ornaments and would be happy for a chance to win them. Please count me in and I have been following you for some time now. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5 Canada

  9. Your tree is so pretty.. I love it! A house looks so festive with a blanket of snow. Still no snow here hopefully we will have a white Christmas. I would love to be included and yes, I follow! xo

  10. I love your tree in pastels and you home looks like the perfect snowy cottage!!! Merry Christmas Kathysue

  11. I'll never forget I was decorating the dental office for Christmas one year...I was all tangled up in the most awful mess of strung lights..the mail man came in and I just turned around and looked at him and he patted me on the back and he said.."it will all be over soon" and he left. Wow I wish I could have seen the look on my face that he must have seen that day!
    Love the Delft ornaments..Would love to add them to my collection of all things Dutch! xx00
    Love your pastel tree!

  12. wow I so love the Christmas tape-tree for the kitchen!
    Taking photos in the xtreme coldness is Blogger Dedication indeed!
    I'll put your Giveaway on my blog- although I don't want anyone else to enter because the little decorations are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!

  13. This year I've given over the decorating of our trees to my two small people. Every year I stress myself out trying to make it look perfect and this year as it's just the three of us I realised the most perfect tree is one done by a grinning child.

    Plus I'd never get mine to look as pretty as yours :)

  14. PLEASE count me in! I am a new follower! I would so much love to win these! They are terrific and they would be wonderful on my tree! That would make me very happy! Thanks and have a good week

  15. Hoi...bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog !!!....leuk !! je hebt een leuke gezellige blog hoor!!.....en ik kom zeker een keer terug ! ik ga je volgen....zou het leuk vinden als jij mij ook wilt volgen.......fijne dag groetjes Ria..

  16. Hee hoi, bedankt voor je reactie op mn blog :) Zie dat je dus OOK een rose boom hebt hihi. Ja altijd een heerlijke kleur...rose ♥

  17. What a beautiful home to love!
    Happy Christmas to you.

  18. Beautiful home and blog!Merry Christmas!!
    I promise to be happy too!

  19. Hi dear!! Can I say I love everything about your post??? Your Christmas decorations are so original and cute!! I´m sure you had so much fun decorating the house!!
    Please count me in for the wonderful giveaway!!


  20. Dank je wel voor je gezellige berichtje op mijn blog! Wat woon je in een prachtig huis. Mooi al dat wit. Ik vind je kerstboom er ook heel gezellig uitzien!

    Een fijne nieuwe week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  21. Ik hou zo van al dat prachtige wit in je huis. Heel sfeervol en gezellig. Ook de buitenkant ziet er super uit!
    Een gezellige nieuwe week, leuk voorbereiden op Kerst xxxx

  22. Your tree looks so pretty and what a lovely idea your tree in the kitchen....I should love to enter your giveaway, the baubles are so pretty!

  23. Hello! thanks to your message. Yes, I've been there alreary, beform I went to china for a ceramics course. I loved your blog, all the post from there are gorgeous, so fabulous!

  24. Hier nog een nabrander omtrent Kerstmis 2010, het ziet er heel leuk uit



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