Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ilove....this church

ilove to visit beautiful churches.
This is a church in the south of Holland with beautiful frescos in pastel colors wouldn't it be lovely to go here on a snowy Christmas eve? ( or get married in Summer.....wish i could do it all over when i see this....with my own husband of course :)))

   I'm a little stressed... we have our family Christmas dinner ( 19 people) in our house. Still have to gather everything for the tablesetting ( doing pastels)  and think about what i will make for a starter.....oh my God. How are you coping my dears?

Let's not forget to ENJOY



  1. This Church is beautiful! It must feel magical to stand in the middle of it. No stress here ~ only the 3 of us for Christmas! :)

    I am sure your table is going to look wonderful ~ pastels ~ so lovely! Photos please! :)

    xo Catherine

  2. What a wonderful church!
    WOW! 19 for Christmas dinner...you're very brave.
    I am keeping it very simple here...I think I'm too simple lol! My tree is up and has sat dressed with the lights on for 2 days...now I need to decorate it...
    I bet your Christmas Dinner will be amazing...your table devine with pastel colours...
    I forgot the Christmas Crackers for our table... ooh never mind, it will be alright on the night...
    Happy December Days...

  3. Good Morning Linda! Which church is that? It's not S'Hertogenbosch is it? My family all lives in the south (Eindhoven) and I would love to visit this next time I am in Holland!

    We are having 40-ish people over on Xmas Eve for an open house - hot spiced wine and champagne cocktails......some yummy appetizers and a bouche de noel for my French hunband. It's going to be a tight fit...but very cozy. We won't have a white Xmas like you guys will though!

    Prettige Feestdagen!


  4. Wat een drukte,,,,,,maarre pastel zij je??? heb je servies genoeg???? kijk even op mijn blog......ik verzamel dat namelijk........dus mocht je te kort komen??? hahahahah!! liefs van mij ......je kan het !!! sterkte!!.....xxxxx....

  5. These pictures are so beautiful! We also had a big dinner gathering and it can be a little hectic :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my Around the World photos for Lady Ren last week (so sorry it took me a while to respond - I had no internet for a week, but catching up!) - so glad it led me to your sweet blog!

    Hope you have a great holiday week!

  6. Oh ja, kerken ik loop er ook zo graag binnen. Zo ie zo tijdens vakanties!
    Mooie foto's.
    Gezellige feestdagen xxx

  7. Ja Ja, we focussen op JOY ^_^
    Welterusten voor straks, niet TE veel stress hoor, sit back relax enjoy a warm cup of tea, klinkt ook beter in het Engels, vind je niet ^_^

  8. that is beautiful, so unlike anything we have here in england.....we have a phrase, 'sods law' when the thing you don't want to have happened , has....and so it is with the cushion you liked, that is the only one i sold!...if you are still interested it would be a pleasure to make one very similar in the new year and i would only charge for the materials and postage, let me know....have a wonderful christmas ( and good luck with the 19 for dinner)

  9. The church is beautiful! Hope you and your family have a lovely Chritmas time.....

  10. What gorgeous photos and a lovely church- Happy Holidays.

  11. Hope your Christmas was perfect..

    This church is soooo beautiful. I just saw one on TV tonite that was nearly as stunning...

    Warm blessings,

  12. Hello,
    I think you would love the churches where I live in the Czech Republic. I think churches have such atmosphere. They are very grand and ornate here, it is quite overwhelming.
    Really enjoying your blog,
    Regards, Tracy



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