Monday, May 31, 2010

ilove diy cakestands

Just a quick post about a tutorial i found of making cakestands with vintage plates. It made me very happy to see that i can  do something else with all the vintage plates i bought.  You can find it on Kira's blog  it's an older post but there's a lot of other great stuff too. Have a happy :) workweek! xx


  1. The only problem is that after making the cakestands we then make the cakes "just to see how it looks"...then we eat them "just to see if they taste ok"...then we can't fit into our favourite jeans any more!

    It's a Holiday weekend here, so we're having a nice long weekend.
    I went to the fleamarket this morning and bought 2 lovely old striped deckchairs, thought I'd photograph them and list on eBay, but Ted's sitting in one with a cup of coffee and reading a book; I haven't got the heart to disturb him :O)

  2. Fun idea! So many crafty ideas ~ so little time! I like Ted and Bunny's thoughts above ~ this beautiful cake stand would indeed lead to my jeans being too tight as well! Haha!

    Have a Happy week!
    xo Catherine

  3. Oh! if I'd known about this yesterday I would have certainly bought some vintage plates at the flea market!!! this is a very cute idea ; useful too!
    I may give it a try soon:-)
    xx Flaviana

  4. So creative and clever! These are just lovely.

  5. I love this idea....I was just thinking about buying a cake stand for my next photo project....but now, I might just make one myself :)

  6. Je laatste bericht gezien en gelezen. We zijn altijd verbaast over de ontzettend leuke ideeen en het aanvoelen v/d juiste trend !
    Ga zo door......

  7. what a great idea. Those cake stands look gorgeous!



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