Sunday, May 9, 2010

ilove tablesetting

Every Christmas we have a big family dinner at our house. I love to do the tablesetting. This year the theme was Climate Neutral. So i bought plates and glasses from the thriftstore ( apart from the silver) and served pumpkin soup in tiny Souvenir glasses. We had a lot of fun! These are some tablesettings ilove.

Breakfast for two

Simple and white

Scandinavian my favorite style

LOVE all the Glass. What kind of tablesetting do you love?


  1. I just love table setting too! And I can't pin down a favorite as my favorites keep changing! Sometimes its very formal, then very modern and clean, then very casual. I have a love affair with dishes.

    And yes, I debated whether or not to show off my job. Thought it might scare some people off, but as I spent the day on Saturday decorating for a tea, then playing American football at night, I thought, what an odd life I lead! So just thought I would share!
    Have a wonderful Sunday, we are celebrating Mother's Day today, I know you all celebrated earlier, but Happy Mother's Day to you. All females everywhere deserve to celebrate an extra day!

  2. Dat ziet er allemaal zo schattig uit.
    Ik denk dat ik maar eens bij je kom eten
    Ik hou ook altijd van een mooi gedekte tafel
    Prachtige foto's,
    mijn favorite is de derde foto :)))))

    Fijne zondag

  3. Oh, gorgeous! Love all that crystal, it looks especially good with candlelight! I am loving the idea of little teacups with tealights in them on a tablescape lately. Have a lovely day!

  4. I love table setting too- sometimes my grandmother's heirloom pieces, sometimes thrifty cakestands and depression-glass plates.
    My favourite is setting a table for a really old fashioned English high-tea.
    I'm not good with candles as I once set the cloth on fire!

  5. My daughter Regan and her Dutch boy are at my house this weekend. He observed my objects that are dear to me in my home. He asked at breakfast this morning in his cute way "so your favorite painter is Van Gogh, your favorite flower is the tulip, your favorite color is orange and your favorite racer is Arie Luyendyk- and you have not made the connection that you might be Dutch?

  6. I am so bad when it comes to table setting, but I love the photos you posted, they're so inspiring! :)

  7. I love all of these... but I also love some bold bright colors. Maybe with a great colorful table runner or napkins. I think fiesta ware... all colors mixed and matched is amazing!!

  8. interesting blog....nice collection of all things time I have a dinner party I look for inspiration all of those table settings :)



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