Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ladies and gentlemen, i got it!

Although lately i've been wondering who ( apart from myself) i'm making this blog for,this post is for my dearest brother. It's to convince him that this painting looks best in my house.
The painting belongs to my mother, it was given to her by a spanish company she worked with for years. It hung in my parents appartement for quite some years but after redecorating it did not fit in anymore, so it ended up somewhere in a dark corner of the guestbedroom.
Because my brother and i like it both so much my mum came up with the idea that it could hang in my house first (for one year) and then it could go (for one year) to his house. So now it's in our house and doesn't it look perfect! To make it feel at home I even theme styled it with books and shells. I'm pretty sure now that when he sees this post he let's me keep it ;-))



  1. I think that looks just right there where it is!
    So you get my vote to keep it.
    I will do post about your blog tomorrow, if it is ok I will steal some pictures and link them to you.
    Have a good day.
    Em x

  2. Thanks Em,steal as much as you can.Have a good day, hope the weather is as springy there as it is here!x



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