Friday, March 19, 2010

in search of a new table

Recently we bought new chairs and i really love them. However i can't show them to you yet because my table is now totally wrong (at least i think so ) . So now i need a new table!
 Looking on the internet for inspiration i came across pictures of different tables, just wanted to share them with you. The style that always attracts me  the most is Pure and simple.I'm looking for a long (max 3 meters) simple (white?) wooden table. Suggestions anyone? 


The long white one

Country style meets design

This style makes me happy

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  1. Such a lovely selection of tables .... I adore old and worn! You might want to look at this post I did this week on vintage dining spaces ......
    Link :

    Gena @ Vintage Rose Studio
    PS> love your blog!



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