Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Besides lovingmyhouse ilovetocook. Not that i'm the second Martha Stewart mind you, i'm more the Bridget Jones type. I came across the Japanese style of lunchboxes called Bento and got totally emotional when reading the meaning of it. A Bento is the condensed physical representation of a mother's love.Wow! So wrapping up two cheese sandwiches and an apple in tin foil as i do isn't enough.So i bought these cute boxes and decided i should try harder!

For a full explanation and inspiration for Bento's, take a look at Working Culture and go for it mum's ;-)


  1. Hi Linda- ilovethesetoo they would even make a Marmite sandwich look good. Do you have Marmite?

  2. I think I need a Japanese Mum, and some of those lovely coloured Bento's.
    Linda you asked what a swap was.
    Well basically you get a swap partner who you buy for and they buy for you, there is a theme, say flowers. You buy some items and make some too, when ready you then send it to your partner, then likewise you receive a parcel of goodies from your swap partner.
    On Friday were doing a post about it, Which will explain it better, I hope you will join in ..x

  3. @ted and bunny, we do have Marmite but i'm afraid it's typical British thing :0 x.
    @Emma, thanks for explaining the swap thing, i'll check your blog on friday.x

  4. this is a wonderful post.

    how timely... check back on my blog next month. i'm going to host a bento box giveaway. :)



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