Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today i was inspired again by the blog of Lille Lykke a great blog for mainly Scandinavian inspiration.
I have a little photowall in my kitchen as well. There are some pictures of New York where i organised a photoshoot for a fashion brand and the photographer gave me the originals of the stills he made. Most important though are the collages i made from pictures of  my three children. I photocopied some pictures so they were all in black and white, put them in a frame and wrote down their nicknames with charcoal.Everyday i'm reminded of how much i love them and how time flies.


  1. Oh thanks Linda for that, all done now I have a link.
    I really like the picture gallery, might steal that idea x

  2. Hi- I SO love that picture from your mother; I love the table and the shells in front of it.
    If perhaps you could move your brother into your house then you could have it for ALWAYS! ;)



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