Friday, September 14, 2012

Creative space

Today it was kind of a fall day i got some time to change clean up  my creative space.

Right now i am working on a project for a shop called JOE MERINO.
They sell the best merino pulls for men ever and have a shop in the centre of Amsterdam (they sell online too). Hence the moodboard with JOE... (and the boxing gloves)the interior has to be very masculin. I will show you the results later....

Of course this is the "after" shot..... 
(You can see my inspiration board on Pinterest)

Have a fun fun fun weekend



  1. Love it! Very masculine but I could live in this setting very easily.
    Iloveyourhouse too!

  2. I bought a beaut of a merino sweater for Mark...and shrank it in the wash.
    He was soooooo sad.
    I was soooo happy, I now have a beaut of a merino sweater for me ;))))



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