Friday, August 26, 2011

ilove......route du soleil

For all of you who want to test your relationship. Try driving in the rain on the " route du soleil" (sunshine highway) and have nothing but traffic jams.

See that Lonely planet? Very optimisticly we headed towards Spain. It took us 22 hours to get there....
Because on this saturday everyone in France decided they had to go south also ( how dare they?)

Making a stop for gas and find at least 15 people in line in front of you having the same idea. (And i am not even talking about getting a cup of coffee)

 Jil gave up,the DVD player did not work.........

But we ended up in Spain. This is our VW in San Sebastian, a great town with great food.

Lessons learned.....

Our relationship still rocks....

And  never ever go to the South of Europe  on a saturday in august.

Have a great feels great to be back.




  1. wow! 22 hours? That's a long drive, but it definitely looks like it was worth the drive. I can't wait to visit Spain one day... soon. Kim, xo

  2. really good to have you back!

  3. Driving in the rain is never fun ~ but especially not in a traffic jam! Glad everyone is safe and sound!
    xo Catherine

  4. Aww the ups and downs of a holiday trip with the loved ones ;) I can remember situations like that (only me being the child, not the mother haha).
    But it looks and sounds like a fun trip despite the little obstacles.

  5. I can't imagine being able to ravel as you do in Europe...It's just not the same here :) Jil looks pretty cozy!



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