Wednesday, June 9, 2010 part II

Is it Spring, my Dutch genes? My house without flowers just doesn't feel right. Try to imagine what these pictures would look like if you take out the flowers and you'll see what i mean.

A flower arangement at a wedding table. What's a wedding without flowers? (  I'm looking at every thrift store for white glass vases and bottles.)

Wild flowers in a vintage vase.

This combination peonies, "Delfts blue" and stripes.Beautiful.

Roses and flower fabrics, romantic and fresh.


Exciting color combination.

Sometimes it's hard to throw flowers away, because they remain beautiful.

Roses, and silver.
What are your favorite flowers?


  1. I love peonies ~ so you can guess what photo was my favorite! Flowers add so much to a room, huh? Lovely post! xo

  2. I adore all the flowers you posted above! Can't get enough fresh flowers ever!

  3. I hear you on not throwing them away until the bitter end. Sometimes they still look so pretty even when they wilt or go limp! :) Fresh flowers in the house just bring something special don't they. So lovely!

    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Catherine

  4. I'm very lucky that each week Ted buys me flowers. Often it's roses (I like white ones best) but sometimes he visits a roadside stall and buys "country flowers" hand-tied with string- these I love more than anything!
    I can never bear to throw them away; I have to put the vase outside and let Ted do the mean part!

    Hope that you are well- did I hear right on the radio this morning that you're voting for government today?

  5. Love fresh flowers! But you know what? I also do dried ones, pretty much any time I get an arrangement (which isn't as often as I like), I hang them upside down to dry. Now I have quite a collection! XO!

  6. Too funny, I just posted kind of the same thing, but you did it way better than I did. Love this, I can't get enough of peonies, or roses, or silver, or stripes for that matter!

    Enjoy the day, I know you have your home loaded with beautiful flowers!

  7. Flowers make me smile, the way they look, the way they smell and the way the say so much...x

  8. I love flowers, always have them around my house...peonies ant tulips are my favorite ones :)

  9. Great pictures!
    my favourite pictures actually are tulips (and I don't want to be a brown nose), I had some yellow-pinkish tulips on my kitchen table some weeks ago and they were amazingly pretty! :)
    At the moment I have white callas and purple hyacinths in the vase.

  10. Hi Linda!

    With this weather I NEED flowers. It's june, but raining cats and dogs :-(

    Next post something else then vases? ;-)

    x Maaike

  11. Dear Linda, I love fresh flowers! Any kind actually, but tulips and roses are probably my favorites! I want to thank you for your very sweet comment today! It is so nice to feel that people care. Thank you and have a lovely evening!


  12. My favorite are tulips...of course..they sprout during my birthday month so I usually have them on my breakfast tray on that special day...however they bloomed this year in April and were gone by my birthday :*(

  13. Oh those peonies!!! I am obsessed with them myself :) I can't think of anything lovlier!

  14. Love, love, love these images!



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