Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can it stop raining please...

You know i like to show you beautiful things and pictures. So be prepared. This is going to be the ugliest post ever! This is my House and garden in the rain. It's been raining here for a few days now and although i bless rain for my garden and the best reason to stay at home and snuggle up with a book, can it stop raining now please?  
Rain everywhere, even the birdhouse from Moooi  looks deserted and wet.Wet

My daughter Britt's old rusty bicycle, she took the bus this morning.Wet.

These Flowers  have enough water now, thank you. Wet.

Silent (wet) witnesses of a romantic evening with hubby and a bottle of Rosé.Wet

I bought this watering :) can last weekend to put these neglected plants back to life. (I know the weeds looks terrible in this picture ,they grow like crazy in this weather and i warned you about this being the ugliest post ever: D Wet.

WET.WET.WET.   Can it stop raining now PLEASE ?


  1. I am joining you in this! Can someone stop this ugly weather here too???!!!
    I miss dining in my garden with my husband, cats and dog sooooo much!!!
    Let's hope in better, sunny days!
    p.s. Your garden still look very beautiful, even if WET!

  2. I LOVE this post Linda! :-)

    Cu soon!

    x Maaike

  3. Hi darling !
    am I the only one living in the heat?! No sign of rain here and it's scorching hot..
    Why ugly post?? Your garden is beautiful, all green and lush !! And is that your house?? I love it, it's eaxctly like those I see in books.
    I' d love to see more!!

  4. Currently raining here too but I can't complain we have had some beautiful weather lately. xo

  5. Raining here in England fact miserable. I agree the plants have had enough rain now...Your house and garden look lovely even in the wet.

  6. Ok it's all wet but I'm sorry where's the ugly bit? :)

  7. Our bedroom is right up in the eaves of the house.
    Sometimes, when I've had a really early morning start, and it's raining in the afternoon I take a hotwater bottle and the cat, and snuggle back in bed for an hour listening to the rain on the roof.
    I do like the rain- I like my welly boots and hats and raincoats...and lighting the woodburner and eating chocolate to make myself cheerful.
    Ahhh...eating cheer-up chocolate- see, there's an upside to everything:0))))))))

  8. Hi linda, just found your blog and I love the smell of rain when it hits the grass and the dewey look is amzaing in the photos...I'm here in the heat of Houston - love your blog...Stop by sometime...


  9. I love those rainy days when I can stay at home and get lost in a good book or a movie, while covered with blankets and sipping on a hot chocolate...but after a day or two I'm ready to see sunshine again, too :)
    your house and garden in the rain looks I guess It's not the ugliest post ever :)

  10. So wet! But still so pretty! Seriously, gorgeous pics! But I get it, rain is depressing after awhile!

  11. Kom natuurlijk weer via, via even binnen waaien, hoe gezellig jullie daar aan het weiland zitten. Ga snel even verder kijken op je mooie blog.

    Groetjes van zouthout.blogspot

  12. Helemaal absoluut geen somberheid in je prachtige foto's hoor!

    Een gezellige avond nog. xx

  13. We are so sad in this house, loving to be outside, even if it rains!
    As it does quite alot of that here in good old Blighty, we brought an outdoor gazebo where we love to sit whilst it downpours, having the outdoor chimney burning helps to makes it feel warmer.
    Oooh I have spied your chimney, very nice too..x

  14. Great blog! And these aren't ugly, totally pretty!

  15. awesome pics! love love your house and the surroundings. it's been raining in hong kong since yesterday and wont stop till tuesday. great...NOT!!

    ~ash's mum

    (i'm going to follow you in a nice stalkerish way...)

  16. Oh my dear friend...I hear you I hear you I hear you! Stop the rain here too please! The weeds are a foot high and my flowers still only an inch tall. When will summer appear?

    Will you please send it my way if you get it first and I promise I will do the same for you!

    Warm thoughts,
    xo Catherine

  17. ugh...I feel for you, not really such a fan of rain...sunshine wishes for this weekend!

  18. I don't see anything ugly and I zoomed in on all the pics and still didn't find anything ugly.. the weeds you refer to look like herbs around your pots so I think you are mistaken...they are not weeds..they are herbs...remember all flowers and plants were once considered weeds at one time in history.
    It is very scorchy here with humidity up to probably 1 gizzilion % and now we are having a big storm! Just as I was going to sit out under the gazebo and chat on the phone...doesn't it just figure!!!! glad you liked the wild party!

  19. Despite the rain, it looks like you have a lovely garden! Wishing you lots of sunshine!!

  20. Dear Linda, I like your post! But I really hope it stops raining soon. It's raining here too! Happy Sunday to you!


  21. On the bright side, your garden looks so lovely! But I can commiserate with you - our forecast says rain for the entire week :)

  22. Here in Barcelona has been the same all the year...Even though rain is a blessing sometimes you just want to see the sun for a few hours!!! Trees and plants look so beautiful, so I guess all the grey days are worth it...
    Lovely blog and lovely pictures!!!
    I follow you!!

  23. Hi Linda!
    I know what you mean about the rain, so dreary. But what an amazing view you have! I'm so jealous; the view from my apartment looks at a freeway and a Tim Hortons Drive thru. Soak up a little bit of quiet for me will yah? Thanks so much for your comments on my SATC post, I added a few more purdy pictures to enjoy if you are interested. Here's hoping it gets a little sunnier and you can go relax in your chairs.


  24. This post made me laugh a bit this morning :) I think it looks pretty at your house even though it's kind of wet;) but of course, let's hope for sunshine and sweet summer-days very soon!

    have a wonderful day!


  25. Hiya- you are a runner-up in MY GIVEAWAY! YEAY!!
    please let me have your address and I'll send you the little gift



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