Sunday, November 21, 2010

ilove.....creative space

When Ren of  the great blog Lady of the arts ( go visit her, she has a project of bloggers arond the world and her latest post is about me :))  asked me if i could send her a picture of my creative space i started to look at my creative space and what a mess it is :((
So this weekend i decided to work on a new creative space.
I has to be a space just for me, kids can only LOOK, filled with things that either make me laugh or make me happy. So this is the beginning and it already  gives me such a good feeling everytime i pass it.

Here are some of the items that passed the test.

I cannot imagine my life without inspiration coming from books. These are some of my favorite inspirators on interiors.

On top of the books is a snowglobe made by a local artist of a Dutch nudist beach. The details are perfect :0

Of course my creative space cannot go without a funny  postcard of my dear friend   Martien. For years we send each other hilarious cards and we are now into the German ones ( if you can understand German, you can see why it's hilarious, otherwise put auto translate on)

                                       Have a happy, happy Sunday make sure you laugh a lot! 



Saturday, November 13, 2010

ilove...tossed and found.

Doing the laundry today, i've been running behind so i've got loads and loads to between i try to clean up the mess around the house. I keep telling myself how great it is when i finally settle down tonight ( big glass of red wine included) in a clean house.
Anyway, while cleaning i try to remove all the clutter that's been gathering around the house. Problem is, ilove tossed and found so what should i see as clutter?
Here are two items somebody tossed and i found them.

For this chair i made a new seat pillow, i cut the print out of a blouse (my grandmothers?) and sew it on. The dog pillow i bought because it reminds me of my dear Harry, the sheep pillow is from  Ikea.

This yellow trunk i found in the garage of my parents apartement in Amsterdam, i put in my the trunk of my car before somebody would change his mind. Wanted to make it another color but it's one of my many projects i never seem to find the time for.  You see that pillow on top? Handmade, and sooo proud of it. Normally i'm not into needle work and i already wanted to quit the project after  number 4 but i hung in there and finished it :))

Sorry, have to go now, finish my today poject :(

                                                               Have a happy, clean weekend !



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