Saturday, November 13, 2010

ilove...tossed and found.

Doing the laundry today, i've been running behind so i've got loads and loads to between i try to clean up the mess around the house. I keep telling myself how great it is when i finally settle down tonight ( big glass of red wine included) in a clean house.
Anyway, while cleaning i try to remove all the clutter that's been gathering around the house. Problem is, ilove tossed and found so what should i see as clutter?
Here are two items somebody tossed and i found them.

For this chair i made a new seat pillow, i cut the print out of a blouse (my grandmothers?) and sew it on. The dog pillow i bought because it reminds me of my dear Harry, the sheep pillow is from  Ikea.

This yellow trunk i found in the garage of my parents apartement in Amsterdam, i put in my the trunk of my car before somebody would change his mind. Wanted to make it another color but it's one of my many projects i never seem to find the time for.  You see that pillow on top? Handmade, and sooo proud of it. Normally i'm not into needle work and i already wanted to quit the project after  number 4 but i hung in there and finished it :))

Sorry, have to go now, finish my today poject :(

                                                               Have a happy, clean weekend !



  1. ... ik doe mee! Je kussen is super! Een heerlijk herfst lekker luierweekend. Happy hugs xoxoxoxoxo

  2. First of all~I can't imagine any clutter collecting in any recess of your spanking clean pastel house...and I too love tossed (Ilovethatterm) and found..I thought that pillow reminded me of your dear Harry.
    I will have to ask Regan if she has made any Dutch dishes yet. If a Dutch dish has veg and potatoes in'd be sure I'd make it! Love Veg and Potato!

  3. I bet you sped all the way home just to make sure they didn't change their minds!! GORGEOUS!!! & all your pillows! I am really loving all your ideas!!! Now that is how to make a house a home!!! Happy Saturday!

  4. as I scrolled down the photos I looked at the trunk I thought WOW what a STUNNING colour...even though its SO not me (and obviously not "you" either?) it's just...well MAGNIFICENT is the only word to describe it, and the colour and the trunk suit eachother PERFECTLY...perhaps you've saved yourself a job?

    Once Jil has come off the pony, that's that little job over with- onwards and upwards to enjoying eachother now!


  5. Hej
    I LOVE all your cushions and they go soo well together! ;-)
    The trunk is beautiful too...I am not really a lover of Yellow too... even though I live in a Yellow house, I am going to change this as soon as I can, but all the home decorating magazines especially in the industrial style show dashes of Yellow and actually I think it works really well. I LOVE your YELLOW TRUNK ;-)
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your tossed and found

  6. hey meowsy,
    pretty fancy blog you've got a-going-on in here!
    keep up the top notch work you top notch blogger!
    x x x

  7. I think doing laundry is right up there with dusting... two household chores I do not like very much...

    I hope you are now sitting with your lovely glass of wine and enjoying your clean house! ;)

    xo Catherine

  8. Aren't you so clever! I love the idea of trimming the blouse, looks so cool! I am so impressed with your creativity! XX!

  9. Hello sweetness! Lovely finds!!!!

  10. HI LINDA! Thank you for the comments on my blog - you are very kind! Your daughter and her horse are adorable! I really do love your blog!


  11. That yellow trunk is fabulous...and you MADE the pillow on top? Uh, okay - it is AWESOME!!


  12. I love these wievs from your home. Beautiful!
    The pillow of the dog is so cute! And the yellow truk amazing. I think it looks great in this color, no need to change it:)!
    Have a great day!

  13. Love all your have a great eye...and the expression "tossed and found" is perfect! Don't know how I never heard of that before?

  14. I love the yellow trunk - I wouldn't want to re-paint it as you'll lose that lovely slightly battered but much loved feeling to it.

  15. Such heartwarming finds. Especially love the blouse cushion!

  16. I love the chair and all the cushions, especially the chair seat and the lovely dog.....

  17. ooh am so loving those cushions...... gorgeous!!

  18. Wow these are two very nice pieces! I love the DIY pillow with the postcards you sew on it! Such a great idea! God, I need to learn how to sew so so soon!!!! Everytime I see self-sewn things I wanna be able to make such things too :)

    The trunk is lovely too. I can understand why you never have time to change its colour, maybe you secretly like the sunny yellow so much?! ;)

  19. I just wanted to pop in and say a very big "Thank you" for your sweet birthday message. Your comment really meant a lot to me! I am so sorry it has take me so long to visit, but I had a great week celebrating!

    I hope your weekend is fabulous!

    Best wishes always,

  20. that yellow chest is amazing, and nice work on the pillow!!!

  21. Hey! I've just read about your blog in "Lady Of The Arts" post:)Your place is so lovely! I'll follow you if you don't mind;)

  22. I read about you over at Ren's place - love your home! That pillow is great, did you think that idea for it up yourself? love it, it came out great!



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