Friday, February 19, 2010

Harry "a good boy"

Want to tell you about my dog named Harry. He died last year. He came after being retired as a guidedog for a disabled woman. He had been working for 9 years of his life. Always being "a good boy". The ultimate buddist. When he came living with us we tried to make him behave like a dog again ( he did not bark), and for almost 5 years he was my best friend.I miss him.


  1. He was a indeed a good boy! El Dono Bianco as i liked to call him.. Rest in peace goodie.

  2. Hairy Harry instead of Dirty Harry.
    Look at his eyes.....loyal.


  3. Awww Linda he looked like a wonderful friend, and thanks for your kind words yesterday.
    I have to say this, I love your house too, hehe, it's fab and it's white. I love white, I go to paint things other colours in my house and end up painting white back on the walls.
    Em x



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