Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Its out of sheer frustration that i am making this post. Too lazy to make pictures of my own house(which is a mess anyway).Nothing has changed out of lack of inspiration and me preffering watching Desperate housewives with my mouth full of chocolate instead of arranging some fresh flowers....
Now that this has been said i would like to share these pictures of different livingrooms and hope in doing so i get off my lazy b*tt and start making my own livingroom ready for Fall. (or clean it would be nice too)


This aint exactly Fall, iloveit anyway...maybe next summer (oh summer PLEASE come back, i miss you)

I might go and live in a lofty house someday  (oh that garden is driving us nuts sometimes, imagine spending a sunday morning on your terrace overlooking Barcelona) and start learning spanish, and go poledancing, kickboxing.....start a restaurant or foodtruck.....surfing.... and begin a webshop or a bed and breakfast ( i think i might have ADHD)

Me likee the combinations here....clean crisp

This is my inspiration for Fall colors, and the mix of styles. Perfect!

Have a happy, happy Wednesday..its sunny outside!



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