Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hi everybody. First of all a big thank you for all your lovely comments (sorry i have not been commenting the last weeks) and a warm welcome to all new followers. I got back a week ago from a lovely vacation. Our plan was to go to more Scandinavian countries be we stayed in Denmark. What a great country! Here are some pictures from our trip.

We stayed a few days at the beautiful island Rømø at the North Sea coast. We were aloud to ride our van on the beach and there was a great relaxed atmosphere among all the people.

  A lot of kites were let up. This kite reminded me of the "pigs in space" of the muppet show.

On the island there was an old house that belonged to a Dutch ( yes the Dutch have been everywere) whale fisher. So beautiful, i have to show you all the pictures i took.

  An old boat in front of the house.

All the doors and ceilings were painted. Lovely,lovely colors.

The Dutch tiles and a red VOC  box.

Closet bed.

I loved the striped bedding.

This grey and white calm atmosphere in this old toolshed is so typical Scandinavian for me.Love it.

Then we travelled to one of the most beautiful cities i know, Copenhagen.
We parked the car in the neighbourhood of the shop of Brinja, she has such a lovely shop and her blog made me start blogging. Please check it out and visit her when you are in Copenhagen.

After visiting Brinja's shop (where i bought a handmade wallet) we took our bycicles off the van and explored the city by bike.

This is my daughter Jil who rode her bike through the city as if she did it everyday. ( and yes she is a Adidas fan)

 This is the old harbour, ilove the colors.

Copenhagen is a city where i could live. Clean, friendly and very hip!

The last picture i wanted to share is this beautiful red caravan, a neighbour at the campground. Now i want a caravan too!

 In my next post i will show off everything i bought in Denmark. It's great to be back in blogland and i  have  a lot of cathing up to do :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

ilove....our VW camper

Hi darlings, just a short post to let you know i will be on vacation. We are leaving with our 21 year old VW camper to wherever the road will take us.(praying it keeps driving).We will probably  go up north towards Denmark and Sweden, iloveScaninavia and... the south is too busy right now. This is our VW camper still parked in our garden.

  I made some small changes to the interior.

Couldn't resist buying this some polka dotted cutlery...

Will be back in 3 weeks and i will miss you all :(


This post is also featured on Anna's Much love monday.  


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